Baby Left In A Tub Dies As Mom Allegedly Goes Out For Cigarettes And 'Me-Time'

Baby Left In A Tub Dies As Mom Allegedly Goes Out For Cigarettes And 'Me-Time'

Lindsee Leonardo, 32 says that she had just stepped out for 10 minutes but had come back to find the bathtub filled as the elder child had opened the faucet.

Image Source: Knox County Sheriff’s Office

Police authorities in Tennessee are alleging that a woman, mother-of-two, is responsible for the death of her 11-month-old son as he died in a bathtub. This happened after she left him alone to step out for a cigarette and listen to some music on her phone. Following the death, Lindsee Leonardo, 32, from Knoxville, Tennessee, has been charged with aggravated child abuse, endangerment of life, and neglect.

As reported by People, the police report mentions that Leonardo called 911 only at around 8 p.m. on Wednesday night after discovering her 11-month-old son floating face-up in the bathtub. According to a local station WATE, she spoke to the investigators and told them that she had left both her 11-month-old and the 23-month-old kid in the bathtub. The water was about 4-6 inches high.




She also told the authorities that she had just stepped out "to smoke a cigarette and have some ‘me time.’" As mentioned in the arrest warrant, Leonardo explained to the authorities that "she was outside for about 10 minutes and listened to two songs on her phone." She told them that on returning to the bathroom she realized that her elder child, 23-months-old, had managed to open the faucet and the bathtub had filled during the time she was away.

The reports by WBIR states that the officers of Knox County Rural Metro had to use advanced life support just to revive the child. It was important to do that before rushing him to the ER as the chances of survival kept decreasing with each passing moment. Jeff Bagwell, working with Knox County Rural Metro said that it was a 'tough call.' 




Leonardo said that her elder child was standing in the bathtub while the 11-month-old child was floating on his back on the surface. She said that she took him out of the water and immediately called 911. She said that she listened to the dispatcher's advice and tried administering CPR on the kid as she waited for the paramedics to arrive at the scene. 

A report by Knoxville News Sentinel said that following the incident, emergency responders rushed the little child to Tennova Turkey Creek Medical Center. The report says that the child regained a heartbeat but his situation still remained highly critical. He was then transferred to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and placed under critical care as the situation did not improve much during the time.




The East Tennessee Children’s Hospital declared that the child died, on Friday. The Knoxville County Spokesperson Kimberly Glenn said: "Our hearts are saddened at the loss." She also added: "We expect additional charges to be forthcoming. As for now, the investigation is continuing."

As reported by KnoxNews, she has been detained and would remain under arrest at Knox County Detention Facility with the bail set at $350,000.  The bail involves $250,000 against the charge of murder and $100,000 for the charges of abuse. So far, the investigation is continuing and no new information has emerged. The death of the child may imply the addition of even more charges against the mother. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit is working closely with the Family Crimes Unit on this case to frame the charges and carry out the investigation.

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