Here Are 9 Ways You Can Donate To The Australian Bushfire Relief Efforts

Here Are 9 Ways You Can Donate To The Australian Bushfire Relief Efforts

The magnitude of destruction caused by the Australian wildfires is unfathomable and if you're looking for a way to help the communities, here are 9 organizations to help you out.

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For months, Australia has been burning and making it the worst bushfires that anyone has witnessed in decades. The untamed flames have burnt over 10 million hectares of land to the ground and destroyed over 3,000 homes. The raging fires have already claimed the lives of at least 29 people but the destruction it has caused Australia's biodiversity is truly unimaginable. The country's World Wildlife Fund has estimated as many as 1.25 billion animals to have been killed by the uncontrollable fires, reports USA Today. "There are estimates that up to 30% of koalas (as many as 8,400 koalas) may have perished during fires on the mid-north coast of New South Wales," said World Wildlife Fund's environmental scientist Stuart Blanch. 



"This is a devastating blow for a species already in decline due to ongoing excessive tree-clearing for agricultural and urban development, and pushes the species closer to becoming an endangered species," he added. Additionally, he explained how many forests that have been scorched might take decades to recover. Given the magnitude of damage, Australia desperately needs whatever help they can get. Of course, there are numerous ways in which you can help, while the New South Wales Rural Fire Service revealed on its website that donating money would be, "the best way."



"This allows people to buy the things they need, and it supports local businesses which have also been impacted," it read. "We know many people want to donate physical items such as food and clothing but these take up much-needed community space." The same issue was highlighted by Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria, through a tweet which read: I know it’s tough to watch this all unfold & feel helpless. I know a lot of people want to get stuck in & lend a hand. But it's important to remember that the emergency relief effort is being run by experienced organizations – & they don't have space to sort or store donations.

Here is a list of organizations that you can donate to :

1. NSW Rural Fire Service

You can either make donations here or to your local Rural Fire Brigade. In any case, the amount directly benefits volunteer firefighters. 

2. Victoria Country Fire Authority Bushfire Disaster Appeal

Just like the Rural Fire Service, this one allows you to choose your desired brigade and provide a donation for them. 

3. Victorian Bushfire Appeal

The Victorian government teamed up with Bendigo Bank to create this appeal which they say is dedicated to helping families who have been most affected by the bushfires. Hoping to rebuild the devastated communities, the appeal has been created.

4. Salvation Army Disaster Appeal

The Salvation Army team is dedicated to support and provide free meals, beddings, and other necessities to evacuees, firefighters, and first-line responders, said the organizations' general manager of strategic emergency and disaster management, Major Topher Holland.

5. Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

With the assistance of National Parks and Wildlife Service crew leaders, the organization has been helping koalas who have been affected by the raging bushfire. You can make a donation to their GoFundMe Page. 

6. Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery (Australia)

The Red Cross uses the donated money to support a number of efforts, like assisting people in evacuation centers and recovery hubs, providing emergency assistance like cash grants to the ones who have lost their homes, supporting volunteers and their expenses, and many more. 

7. St. Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal (NSW)

St. Vincent's Appeal helps victims of the bushfire by providing them food, clothing, money for unexpected expenses caused by the bushfire. They also help set up homes that have been destroyed or damaged by the wild flames.

8. Wires

New South Wales' Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Service rescue is the largest organization that rescues wildlife and looks after them. They are now urging people to donate money for their volunteer rescuers and carers. 

9. World Wildlife Fund 

In an attempt to help koalas, the WWF has launched a global Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund which would be used to provide urgent care to wildlife organizations. 

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