Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Launch 'Quarantine Wine' To Help Pandemic Relief Efforts

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Launch 'Quarantine Wine' To Help Pandemic Relief Efforts

The bottles are priced at $50 for a pair and orders will be shipped at the beginning of May.

Image Source: Instagram/Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis are in high spirits as they launched their own bottle of wine to help coronavirus relief efforts, according to USA Today. On Sunday, the couple took to Instagram to share the launch of their wine, aptly named "Quarantine Wine," and specifying that all proceeds from sales will go toward charities that are helping amid the pandemic. “100% – that’s right – 100% of the profits will go to a handful of charities that we have vetted for you and are so proud of during this time,” Kunis told followers in a video announcement. “Anything from feeding families who have fallen on hard times..." “... To supplying PPE equipment to frontline medical workers,” Kutcher added. “To helping small businesses and people who are in distress recover.”


While they conveyed an important message to help people during such a grave situation, they did so with a little bit of humor, making sure that anyone watching it would have a smile on their face, because it was relatable. "These are unprecedented times we're living in," Kutcher said. "And unprecedented times call for –" "More drinking," Kunis chimed in, laughing. "That's not what you were going to say?" Kutcher replied saying he was going to go with "unprecedented measures" but he likes "more drinking," too.  Kutcher then went on to explain how the idea really came about, saying that he and Mila like to include wine as part of their virtual dates and virtual gatherings with friends, as well as finding ways they can help give back during the pandemic.


“We’ve been finding charities that are focusing on getting PPE into the country, charities that are helping feed kids, businesses that are in distress,” he continued. “Mila came up with the brilliant idea of combining the two things.” That's when the couple decided to join hands with the wine company and worked together on everything, from the initial concept, to coming up with the name, to designing the bottles, and finalizing the charities. The charities that have been shortlisted by the celebrity couple include America’s Food Fund, Direct Relief, The Frontline Responders Fund and Give Directly. Of course, being the perfectionists that they are, the couple took it upon themselves to make sure the wine tastes perfect.


“We had fun tasting the wine, and it was delicious,” Kunis said. According to the wine's website, In addition to the profits from your purchase going to the great causes listed below, you can take action by spreading the word and getting even more people involved. The front label of this wine is meant to be written on by YOU. Crack open a bottle of this wine, enjoy a virtual happy hour with a friend or loved one, and write (or draw!) who you’re toasting to from the comfort of your own home.  The bottles are priced at $50 for a pair and orders will be shipped at the beginning of May. The blend is a100% Pinot Noir, made in Willamette Valley, Oregon, with the Kutcher family as consulting winemakers and Sarah Cabot as lead winemaker.


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