These Pictures Of Brides Before And After Makeup On Their Big Day Are Unbelievable

These Pictures Of Brides Before And After Makeup On Their Big Day Are Unbelievable

Makeup artist Arber Bytyqi, who has garnered more than 300k followers on Instagram, gives his clients the red carpet meets bride look.

Every girl desires to look her best for her big day. I'm sure, asking to look flawless at least for their wedding is definitely not much, however, with the rise in makeup artists out there it is often difficult to find an expert who will give you the bridal glow you are after.

Now, you can put an end to this search because we have found a person who specializes in glamorous makeovers and it is sure to give you the red-carpet feel you have been after all your life! Arber Bytyqi's Instagram handle (that boasts of more than 300K followers) showcases his flawless work with a touch of shimmer! Emphasizing on the power that makeup beholds, Bytyqi posts before and after pictures of his clients and the results are truly wonderful indeed! 

1. Who needs a Fairy Godmother when you have him?



2. Drab to Fab!



3. Princess Mia's dream transformation has nothing on this!



4. When you're both naughty and nice



5. You don't have to be a star to dazzle the onlookers!



6. Let your eyes do the talking!



7. Did someone say, Kylie Jenner? 



8. That's the fairytale wedding I want!



9. Embrace your flaws and rise above the rest.



10. Don't be afraid of change!



11. She's as flawless as they come



12. Looking like this, anyone would marry her!



13. Look! We found Megara from Hercules!



14. If this was an art show, she would be the winner!



15. Covering up is all you nasty breakouts is what Bytygi does best!



16. She could easily pass off as a movie star!



17. Subtlety never gets old



18. Simplicity is definitely the way to go



19. That right there is a living Barbie doll!



20. Makeup is not just about changing your looks


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