Artist Makes Gifts And Jewelry Using Moose PooP: "We Give A Crap"

Artist Makes Gifts And Jewelry Using Moose PooP: "We Give A Crap"

What an amazingly "shitty" idea!

Source: Facebook/ Tirdy Works

When it's time for gift-giving, it can get cumbersome especially if it's for someone who appears to have everything. Now, there's a new pooper in town to help you deal with the gift issue, according to the New York Post. Maine artist Mary Winchenbach created MooseTirds.com to showcase her and her friend Deb’s "novelty artworks" made from moose (and other animals) poop. "We do our best to be kind to people, animals, and the environment every day," they noted on the website. "We create fun pun products made with moose poop. We are currently incorporating new products with exotic tirds (sp) so keep checking in! … #WEGIVEACRAP!"


Winchenbach finds the moose leavings in the woods around her house in Maine, making them a fresh, locally sourced product, as Mother Nature Network adds. When asked about her products and pricing, she says the best way to know more about them is to check her Facebook page out. "All my turds are right on there with the prices and click on 'em. They can let me know what they need for turds. I ship shi* everywhere," she says. Making stuff out of poo isn't something new. Elephant poo has always been in use to make paper and they are an alternate version to help save trees, which will, in turn, save the planet. 


BBC reports that Kenyan entrepreneur John Matano has been making paper out of elephant poo since 1994. Matano says that making paper from elephant dung "is not complicated at all, it is an easy affair." The feces, which are full of grass and other plant fiber that has been broken down by the elephant's digestive system, is thoroughly washed first. "After washing, clean fibers remain," says Matano. "Then the fiber is boiled for four hours in a vat to thoroughly ensure it is clean. Then after that, much of the process is similar to that of making regular paper [from wood pulp]." Ever wondered how much dung you can get from an elephant?


An average elephant eats 250kg of food each day. Out of that amount, about 50kg of dung is produced, and 125 sheets of [A4] paper can be produced from each 50kg." He also added that both the price and quality are similar to that of regular paper, but it does help with deforestation. "It is saving the indigenous tree populations of nearby forests from being destroyed," says Matano, who now has shops in Mombasa and capital Nairobi. "The business is very reliable and has a promising future. It is important for poaching and illegal logging to go down to 0%." Also, it doesn't stink, so there's honestly no reason for you to not use paper made from elephant poo to write a note to accompany the gift you'll order for someone that's made out of moose poo. 


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