Artist Hangs "At-Home Abortion Kits" In Pharmacies To Protest Against Anti-Abortion Laws

Artist Hangs "At-Home Abortion Kits" In Pharmacies To Protest Against Anti-Abortion Laws

Plastic Jesus' stunt drives home a powerful message. Many customers were baffled to see this placed at the pharmacies.

In the wake of Alabama's abortion ban, a British artist placed "at-home abortion kits" with the help of 50 volunteers in several stores over the last weekend reports Metro. The guerrilla street artist popularly known as Plastic Jesus fought back against the strict legislation by planting his creation in different pharmacies all around the country. While these products were merely a decoy, the primary message that he wanted to put across was the disregard the anti-abortion law had for women.


The Los Angeles-based artist cleverly hung a white wire coat hanger priced at $19 each. The instruction on each of the kits read: "Perform an abortion from the comfort of your own home. Approved for use in: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Utah. More states pending." These taunting creations surfaced in New York, California, Los Angeles, and Texas-based stores.



This prank pulled off by Plastic Jesus, left every customer in the store dazed as to what exactly the 'at-home abortion kit' was. Each of these products had two QR codes printed on its label. Yes, curious people did scan it, only to find that one of the code directed them to a donation website called Planned Parenthood according to Daily Mail. The organization's website claims to be "a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world." The wire holds significant meaning as it was one of the harmful ways women attempted to end their pregnancies in the past because of the lack of safe, legal and accessible abortion clinics.


As for the other code, it takes one to the website of the artist who has successfully pulled similar pranks in the past. On time he placed bulletproof vests on child mannequins right in the "back to school" section last summer. Another time, he placed empty black plastic boxes in Best Buys stores all over Los Angeles. He tagged labeled them as "Useless Plastic Box" which were comically priced at $99. The artist posted a statement on his website elaborating on his actions.


"Nearly volunteers from 50 states took part in a massive act of guerrilla activism. On the weekend of June 8th and 9th they placed 'At-Home Abortion Kit' wire coat hangers into pharmacy stores across the United States from Los Angeles, New York Alabama Georgia and Utah," he wrote. He further explained the reason behind the whole thing. "The Project is intended to highlight the significant health risk to the lives of many women following the tough new abortion term limits passed in number of states. Not to mention the grotesque infringement on the rights of women everywhere."


The website contained pictures of these unsanctioned products which were specifically placed in order to protest the restrictive law that the country had passed. "Women should be free to make their own choices about their health, these rights are protected by the constitution under Roe v Wade. However, old wealthy white, driven by their misguided belief in ‘God’ seems to think they know what is best for women," he wrote on his website. "The states are turning back the clock on progress, healthcare, and rights by decades," he alerted people. 


"In a time when most nations agree that human rights including the right to an abortion these draconian laws are not only an attack on women's' rights over their own bodies but completely disregard the safety, wellbeing, and wishes of women everywhere," read the statement. "We must fight this to avoid 'back street abortions' becoming a method of birth control and the significant risk that accompanies the illegal procedures."


One of the volunteers of this prank, Jess Wiercz from Oregan said, " I feel scared knowing that I am losing the legal right to make decisions regarding my own body. I am livid knowing that the bans on abortion are being passed primarily by men who have the privilege of never needing to have access to abortions, (necessary healthcare; a life-saving procedure). I am both scared and angry knowing that there are women with a platform for influence who are supporting these decisions to dissolve their own human rights."


She added, "Plastic Jesus' project reminds us that despite the bans women WILL get abortions, but they will now have to risk their health and risk being criminalized to do so. It's hard to know what to do to make a change as an individual, but this has been an opportunity for me to make a statement." This comes right after Alabama passed a law banning all abortions for everyone, including rape and incest victims. Soon after, Georgia signed into law a heartbeat bill to restrict abortions after a fetal heartbeat was detected. This was introduced in 15 different states recently. 


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