Amy Roloff Moved Out Of Roloff Farms But Doesn't Live With Her Fiancé: "He Still Has His House"

Amy Roloff Moved Out Of Roloff Farms But Doesn't Live With Her Fiancé: "He Still Has His House"

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek spend a few nights every week with each other, but they don't live under the same roof yet.

Image Source: Instagram/Amy Roloff

A relationship between two people can be anything they want it to be. Some people prefer to take things slow while others prefer a different pace. What they want to do is something that they must decide and not be dictated by others. Little People Big World's Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are prime examples of this. Roloff has been engaged to Marek since September 2019 and they are planning to get married in the summer of 2021. Ever since Roloff moved out of Roloff farms after selling her share of the farm to her ex-husband Matt, the couple has been spending a lot of time together.


They even spend a few nights of the week together. Roloff now has a house that she spent some time to finalize on, but it's a piece of land that she gets to call her own for the first time in 3 decades. However, Roloff revealed that despite the two of them spending so much time together, they aren't living under the same roof. During an Instagram Live, Amy revealed that she's not planning to move in with Chris yet. She's asking him for a little space at the moment. She revealed, "No, we’re not living together full time. He is over about four days and three nights, or something like that. We definitely hang out. But he still has his house."


According to TVshowsace, during an episode of the TLC show, she said, "Last night, we had talked about living together and when that would all happen. I think I am very good with, you know, moving in with him while we’re engaged, planning for a wedding, and a marriage. But for right now, I’ve got 30 years of stuff to move. I mean, I’d like to get all settled in with the furniture or whatever furniture and stuff, and then [have him] move in and stuff like that."  She had also revealed that she wants to "relish in the fact" that the house is hers. If it doesn't affect their relationship in any way, then what's the problem? Do you know what's the most adorable part of it all?


Marek has been fixing up her home, one that the two of them will live together someday when the time is right for both of them. She caught him laying some tiles in the yard and shared it with the world. "Caught him in action! 😳,"  she said. She mentioned how hard he worked "on getting a lot of projects done around the house for us. I’m so proud of him and can’t thank him enough. Love you, babe!" Roloff revealed that she's got a very supportive family usually, but when she decided to reveal her engagement to her son Zach, she received an awkward response from him. "Besides a house and all that other stuff happening in my life, there's other news I gotta tell you about," said Amy, 55, as per PEOPLE.


"I'm engaged," she told Zach and Tori, both of whom looked on in shock. "Chris proposed to me yesterday for our third year anniversary. Well, you guys are shocked," the Roloff matriarch observed. "...I'm just hoping that you continue to welcome him [Chris] into the family and be a part of it all," she continued. "Because that means a lot to him." Zach had been completely quiet during the moment and later said that he hopes that his parents don't talk about their personal lives on the show. "I told my mom and dad, 'Hey, these are one thing I don't want to talk about on camera."


"My one out-of-bounds is your guys' relationship and if that relationship goes anywhere else beyond what it is right now, I don't want to be surprised by any news of those relationships on camera," he said in a confessional. "And then she went on camera and surprised me with that news. We've been doing this for 15 years and I've shown some of the most difficult and awkward moments of my life," said Zach."There's just been one thing that entire time that I've asked my parents to do with me in private and my mom couldn't remember." The awkwardness is long gone and all was well, especially when Zach's second child was born. They are currently shooting for the 21st season of the show.


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