Bride Ambushes Fiancé At Work In White Dress And Demands He Marry Her On The Spot Or She's 'Out'

Bride Ambushes Fiancé At Work In White Dress And Demands He Marry Her On The Spot Or She's 'Out'

The bride-to-be had brought a pastor and her bridesmaid along with her after growing tired of waiting for her fiancé of 2 years.

Image Source: TikTok/@boymom_ashley

A bizarre moment unraveled in Las Vegas when a woman donning a wedding dress stormed into a Target demanding her fiancé to either marry her on the spot or be prepared to end their relationship. The uncomfortable situation was caught on camera by TikTok user @boymom_ashley, who posted a two-part video on Friday. The clip shows the bride-to-be marching into the store and looking for her unsuspecting partner who is an employee of the retail giant. As the woman walks through aisles searching for her beau, a man dressed in dark clothes, holding what appears to be a Bible follows her along with a woman holding a bouquet. 


The woman who appears to be a bridesmaid is seen keeping up with the "bridezilla" who leaves no room for error, as she brings along a pastor to exchange nuptial vows. In the second video, the unidentified woman finally tracks down her fiancé who is busy restocking a shelf. "You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it's time to do it or get out," the woman is heard telling the employee wearing a red shirt. The woman then informs him that she has brought a pastor along with her and her bridesmaid Emily, according to Daily Mail. Giving him an ultimatum she continues saying that if he doesn't marry her "this second," she's "done" and "out."


At one point, the bride notices a crowd and realizes that they are watching her antics. Instead of ignoring them, she greets the spectators and tells that she was in the midst of making her fiancé "commit" else was ready to dump him. After a while, the ambushed man asks her if they could continue this conversation outside. The bride eventually agrees before noting that she's "shaking" looking at the camera. As the fiance walks past the camera, he reportedly says, "Could someone had told me then?"


It's unclear if the bride finally got what she wanted or if she ended up dumping her fiancé like she had threatened to do. There was no part 3 of the video for us unfortunate viewers to learn more about the situation. It is also not clear if the whole thing was real or had just been staged for virality. If you think this woman had a bridezilla moment wait till you hear another story which will shock to the core after learning how low some bride-to-be can really stoop. 


Previously a woman wanted to exclude her fiancé's child, a three-year-old from the wedding festivities, and took to Facebook to share her thoughts, reports NZ Herald. Of course, the post backfired. How do I tell my fiance [sic] I don't want his daughter at our wedding? I put 'no kids' on the invites so I thought he'd get the point, but he keeps mentioning her being there?? she wrote. Describing her future stepdaughter as a "crotch goblin," the woman said she didn't want the child at her wedding as it was "his mistake not mine." Furthermore, she added, Edit cause people keep asking me the same dumb a** questions. She's three. I am marrying him not his crotch goblin. That's his mistake, not mine.

Image Source: Getty Images/ CareyHope (Representative)

I don't want her there because she's needy asf and makes everything about her AND I said no f***ing kids. If you don't have [anything] nice to say or any advice then SCROLL ON! continued her entitled rant. While most were left appalled by her behavior some were requesting the groom to leave her while he still had time. Why marry someone with kids if you don't like kids? asked one. The groom needs to cancel the wedding ASAP, shared another. No red flag exists that is bigger and brighter than this one, expressed a user. 

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