Amazon Is Selling 'Blood' Capsules For Women To Fake Virginity And The Internet Is Outraged

Amazon Is Selling 'Blood' Capsules For Women To Fake Virginity And The Internet Is Outraged

Netizens are now questioning if the giant retail company is encouraging the archaic practice of checking a woman's virginity in Indian marriages.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant found itself under severe fire after selling a despicable product in India that offers "blood for the first night." Yes, 'i-Virgin-Blood for the First Night' is an actual product that contains blood-powder and is supposed to be inserted into the vagina about two-four hours before having intercourse.

Created with the sole purpose of proving one's "purity" on the first night of marriage, netizens slammed the online retailer for encouraging the archaic practice. The product first surfaced on Amazon.in on June 11, 2019, but was only recently discovered by some thereby setting social media aflutter according to reports. 



The audacious set of mini capsules claim to be "easy, fast, safe and convenient," which requires "no surgery," and have "high-quality blood-powder," with "no side effects." 

The Week reports how the product listed on the website had also mentioned details regarding the product's safety. When asked "how many days for expired?" in the questions and answers section, the seller's response was a simple, "yes." Although the product has sparked outrage online, it's not exactly new in India's virginity-obsessed culture. 



According to a medical research article from 2015, there already exists a "nonsurgical procedure" in which a capsule "embedded with red dye" or containing artificial blood is inserted into a woman's vagina prior to penetration, in such a way that when it bursts it imitates "the rupture of hymen."

As atrocious as they are, such products exist due to the life-or-death importance given to successfully passing virginity tests. The Saansi community in Rajasthan is one such instance where the practice of conducting virginity tests is far too common in certain districts. 



This revolting method involves placing a white thread upon the bride and groom's bed on their consummation night. The thread is then inspected for bloodstains by the groom's family the following day to determine the bride's virginity status.

On failing this test, the bride might be obliged to compensate her in-laws with money or asked to undergo a series of severe tests including walking on burning embers or remaining underwater for an instructed period of time. Similar products have popped up in Europe as well, with a German company, VirginiaCare producing and marketing artificial hymens containing bovine blood. 



While the 'i-Virgin-Blood' product has started a heated conversation among Indian netizens, Amazon has a track record of selling similar products for a long time.

'Virginity Complete Package' and 'Artificial Hymen Kit' are a few products that are available on the popular online shopping site. 


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