Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Opens Second Home For Abused Women: "It Does My Heart And Soul Good"

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Opens Second Home For Abused Women: "It Does My Heart And Soul Good"

Janie's home is named after Tyler's hit song "Janie's Got A Gun". It is a center that takes care of girls and women who have been abused.

Image Source: (L) janiesfund - Instagram / (R) Steven Tyler attends Steven Tyler's Third Annual Grammy Awards Viewing Party to benefit Janies Fund presented by Live Nation at Raleigh Studios on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jean

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is definitely a rock star, both on and off stage. His songs are popular, and in 1989, "Janie's Got A Gun," won a Grammy. This song was unlike their others; it was about incest, revenge, and murder. According to Society Of Rock, Tyler was inspired to write this after seeing two articles; one about gun violence in the US and another piece about child abuse. Thus, he ended up writing a song about a young girl named Janie who was sexually abused by her father and she seeks revenge by murdering him. It took him nine months to finish writing the lyrics. Tyler said, "I got really angry that nobody was paying homage to those who were abused by Mom and Dad.” But, Tyler did not stop at simply penning the lyrics to a song that spoke about abused young girls.



In fact, he went on to start a charity named Janie's Fund and donated half-a-million dollars from the fund to renovate a home in Memphis, as per Billboard. The place is operated by Youth Villages—a national foundation that helps girls cope with emotional, behavioral, and mental problems, and is now renamed Janie's House. "The mission of Janie’s Fund does my heart and my soul good," Tyler said in a statement. "This is real - to help even just one girl through Janie’s House is a dream come true… just when the world feels over, you can turn into a butterfly." The "Love Lives" singer attended a "scarf cutting" ceremony on Feb 4, 2019, at Janie's House, which is located at Youth Villages in Bartlett, Tennessee, according to CBS News.



The scarf cutting was rather iconic, because it was one of his signature scarves, and it shows just how much the whole thing means to him. The house will have enough space to accommodate 14 women and girls at a time, and dozens annually. In addition to residential accommodation, the 3,900-square foot house also offers access to 24-hour medical care and therapeutic support with an outdoor living space overlooking a scenic lake and inspirational murals and quotes chosen personally by Tyler. Tyler has been candid about his battle with drugs and alcohol. "As you can only imagine, being in a band with guys for 50 years, you can have problems," the singer explained. "And rather than quit, I decided to go to this treatment center for co-dependency." 



While he was in treatment himself, he noticed that nearly all women at one point, had been abused emotionally or physically, reported the Memphis Commerical Appeal. "All the girls I met had been abused either physically, mentally, verbally, you know. At least 90% of ‘em all," said Tyler. He added, "That touched me. So when I got out of there, I laid that all on Janie." One of the survivors, a 14-year-old girl who suffered from abuse at a young age shared how a loving, nourishing home that offers therapy can make all the difference. JaBrayia, who is a resident at the facility, told the crowd during the ceremony, "The reason that I am at Janie’s House is because I experienced sexual abuse at the age of three."



"Through Janie’s House, I can learn a lot about my past and learn I was not the only one that had been through the same problems." Tyler also stated that he would help as many survivors as possible. He said, "I’m gonna bring this Janie’s Fund with me wherever I go. It’s like a dream come true." Back in 2017, he opened the first shelter house in Atlanta. According to KDVR, Patrick Lawler, CEO of Youth Villages said, "We wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for Steven and his dream of Janie’s Fund."   


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