These Adult Piñatas Are Filled With Mini Liquor Bottles And Are A Must-Have At Your Party

These Adult Piñatas Are Filled With Mini Liquor Bottles And Are A Must-Have At Your Party

These innocent-looking piñatas are just what you need to turn your boring old summer parties into something your adult friends will look forward.

One of my favorite memories from the exhausting number of birthday parties I attended as a kid were the glorious moments spent bashing piñatas. Forget the birthday cakes and party clowns, those candy-filled piñatas were the highlight of these parties for me. However, as the inevitable passage of life hit me and I grew older, my soft spot for piñatas suddenly wasn't "cool" anymore. Apparently, an adult showing off their piñata bashing skills in front of small impressionable kids wasn't exactly what my friends had in mind when they invited me to their son's birthday party. Go figure.

But then, life dropped a rather boozy gift into my lap and suddenly it was time for the adults to have fun with piñatas. How? With these glorious grown-up piñatas that are filled with little liquor bottles, of course. Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great joy to introduce you to NIPYATA. According to the brains behind this unorthodox piñata, the nipyata is a "piñata filled with nips, candy chasers, and NIPYATA! Fortunes.  Typically strung up at parties and beaten with a stick by adults until it breaks and things fall out and everyone goes wild.  In other words:  The World's Greatest Drinking Game."



If the words "world's greatest drinking game" weren't enough to convince you on why you need to absolutely need one of these for your next summer party, allow me to break it down for you. These non-kid-friendly piñatas are filled with 50ml mini plastic bottles of liquor, customized messages attached to each bottle (aka NIPYATA! Fortunes), and candy chasers. They come in a range of fun designs and if those don't catch your fancy, you can even have them ship you a customized nipyata. While they might look like your average childish piñata, you shouldn't underestimate just how crazy these could turn your adult get-togethers. 




According to the company's website, "the NIPYATA! ain't no kiddy piñata - we designed and manufactured these to hold up to adult-strength swings and securely hold up to 8lbs of mini plastic bottles of spirits. We pre-load the NIPYATA! with all the goodies and deliver it to your door.  They can be reopened and resealed upon arrival if you'd like to add your own contraband to the NIPYATA! These are super convenient, creative, personalized, boozy, fun, therapeutic, provocative and have been known to bring good luck.  You may have the best night of your life."



The folks behind these not-your-average piñatas also give some pretty clear warnings. To the question of whether these are dangerous, they write: Dangerous?  Hell yes, they are dangerous.  Any type of piñata is potentially dangerous but especially NIPYATAS. To minimize the danger we only use plastic bottles of your favorite liquors.  Chase the nips with the enclosed candy.  Read your NIPYATA! Fortunes.  Get lucky. While Iove pretty much everything about the nipyata, the thing Iove the most is that they are completely customizable. From the design to the alcohol inside, you can have your nipyata made as per your heart's desire. However the customized ones do take a bit more time to be delivered, so plan in advance.



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