A 10-Year-Old Is Looking For A Forever Family: 'I Wish That I Was Loved And Happy'

A 10-Year-Old Is Looking For A Forever Family: 'I Wish That I Was Loved And Happy'

This month, FOX 26 Morning News' anchor Sally MacDonald introduced us to 10-year-old Jay who wants a family who will love him.

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Ten-year-old Jay, who always wears an endearing smile, is looking for a forever family who would love and cherish him. FOX 26 Morning News' anchor Sally MacDonald introduced the boy to the public during this month's Finding Families, a segment where the news outlet profiles children in the foster care system who are ready to be adopted. She revealed that some of Jay's favorite things include playing basketball, video games, and playing with legos. The youngster also takes a lot of interest in drawing. "He is a sweet little boy. From the moment he wakes up he is on the go," said Depelchin Children’s Center's Caitlin Brake. 




For the past three years, Jay has been under foster care but now the parental rights have been terminated. He is all set to find the right family who will adopt him but he is uncertain when his dream will actually come to pass. The unpredictable waiting time will not be an easy phase for Jay, who remains hopeful every day. "I wish that I could have a family. I wish that I was loved and happy," expressed the boy, who simply hopes to be loved. According to FOX 26, Depelchin Children’s Center feels that a patient and understanding family will be the right one for the boy. 




Brake explains how the process of adoption would not be as isolating as parents might think but that they would have many people working and guiding them along the way. "With families, when they go into the process to adopt they are not alone.  They can reach out to agencies like Depelchin to partner with them, have therapists, counselors and adoptive clinicians," explained Brake. Working beside the support systems will help provide the parents some insight into the child's behavior. "It’s imperative we get him into a family setting that can provide stability for him, a loving environment he can grow up in," continued Brake. 




When news anchor MacDonald asked Jay, "What are some fun things you would want to do with your family?" He replied, "Go to the park, go to the pool, have some fun." If you wish to adopt the sweet boy, visit Depelchin's website by clicking here. In January, Fox's Finding Families segment introduced us to two sweet sisters as well. "These are two beautiful girls just 12 months difference in age, and they’re close in more than just age," shared Brake at the time. Twelve-year-old Sheila and 11-year-old Teri were completely ready to find a family having had their parental rights terminated.



Thousands of people from all over the world responded to the story by contacting Depelchin Children’s Center and asking if they could adopt them. In the report, Teri was described as someone who loves games and art, while her sister is an athlete who plays several sports. Both of them love attending church too. When asked what adoption meant to her, Sheila beautifully said, "Since your real parents are going through a lot, other people are going to be your parents from now on who care and love you, going to be with you for the rest of your life and support you." 




Speaking about the ideal family for the two girls, Brake said, "It can be a home with a single parent, a two-parent home, an apartment or house as long as you have financial means to support a child and pass a background check." Despite the ambiguity, the sisters remained hopeful. "Life may not go as planned but never give up. Keep your head up and look for the good stuff," said Sheila. Now, Depelchin is reaching out to the interested families (more than 3,000 of them) and figuring out the right home for the girls. 

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