Adam Sandler Returns To SNL After 25 Years And Pays Heartbreaking Tribute To Chris Farley

Adam Sandler Returns To SNL After 25 Years And Pays Heartbreaking Tribute To Chris Farley

The veteran comedian paid tribute to his friend and former costar Chris Farley, who passed away in 1997. He also used his character "Opera Man" to mock President Trump as well as other Democrats in Congress.

Veteran comedian Adam Sandler made a comeback on Saturday Night Live over the weekend and brought the "Opera Man" character back to life. The actor/comedian had a very emotional segment on the late night show where he paid tribute to his dear friend and former costar Chris Farley, who passed away in 1997 at age 33 from a drug overdose. Sandler took the stage at Studio 8H for the first time in 24 years to perform a musical tribute to Farley. The comedian later appeared on the 'Weekend Update' to mock President Donald Trump and the Democrats in Congress. He also offered his own humorous take on the news cycle of the week. The highlight of the night, however, was the song that was dedicated to Farley. The comedian passed away nearly 22 years ago but after the emotional song by Sandler, it felt like we lost him just yesterday.

Adam Sandler's song made references to many of Farley’s popular SNL sketches, including his hysterical character that lived “in a van down by the river,” dressing as Bumblebee Girl, and performing as a Chippendales dancer with Patrick Swayze. “First time he saw me was sweeter than honey/ Plaid jacket and belt too tight, and he wasn’t even being funny/ Then he cartwheeled around the room and slow danced with a cleaning lady/ He was a one-man party,” Sandler sang, as photos of Farley played in a slideshow behind him.


Farley and Sandler became very good friends while working for SNL. They both joined the show during the early 90s and were also departed from the show together in 1995. This event was addressed as well during Adam Sandler's opening monologue. Sandler’s poignant Farley tribute addressed the worry he felt for his friend over his wild lifestyle and made reference to former SNL stars John Belushi and John Candy, who died at 33 and 43, respectively. “We’d tell him slow down, you’ll end up like Belushi and Candy, he said, ‘Those guys are my heroes, that’s all fine and dandy,’ ” Sandler sang.


The comedian teared up when he sang the last part about "the last big hang" he had with Farley at Tim Meadows’ wedding party in July 1997: “We laughed all night long because of Farley/ But a few months later the party came to an end/ We flew out to Madison to bury our friend.” He continued, “Yeah I miss hanging out/ Watching you try to get laid/ But most of all I miss watching you torture [David] Spade/ You’re a legend how you want it, but I still wish you were here with me/ And we were getting on a plane to shoot Grown Ups 3.”



The 52-year-old comedian/actor then reprised his role of "Opera Man", known to sing the news as if he were in an opera, during the 'Weekend Update'. He covered everything from Game of Thrones and the Kentucky Derby to President Trump and the “70-year-old men” (Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden) running against him in the upcoming election. 
During his segment on the President, he took to the children's nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty' as he pointed out that the President lets everyone around him take the fall. Sandler suggested that Donald Trump lets everyone close to him take the blame for controversies in and surrounding his presidential administration.





"Trumpa, dumpa, / Trumpa, dumpa," Sandler sang while images of the president appeared in a slideshow behind him. "I make-a the wall/ I playa the golf/ and they take-a the fall," he sang. When he landed on the last line, images of Trump's various associates appeared behind Sandler, including Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, and Kirstjen Nielsen. However, Sandler didn't go after just the Republicans. In his second verse, he sang  "they afraid to impeach" next to an image of congressional Democrats.



He finally ended up talking about the President's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "I get to make-a the wall," Sandler continued, "And Putin makes me his beetch." The comedian even roasted the Democratic presidential nominees for the 2020 elections, stating that they weren't very exciting and further spoke about the ridiculous challenges they would expect to be facing during their run for Presidentship. 

Sandler ended his sketch by paying tribute to his "Opera Man" role. "So very long since I've been around-ah/ 24 years and 24 pounds-a," Sandler sang. "So glad to be back/ now I get a snack. Opera Man, bye-bye." As was the case when he originally played the part, the sketch ended with roses being tossed into his lap.


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