Trendy Nail Art Traps Live Ants Inside Manicure

Trendy Nail Art Traps Live Ants Inside Manicure

A Russian nail salon came under fire for using live ants for a fresh manicure look.

Image Source: Instagram/@nail_sunny

Trigger Warning: This story may contain details of abuse that readers may find disturbing

While I'm unsure what emotions beauty trends are supposed to evoke, more often than not we are left dreading of what these latest supposedly fashionable inclinations include. Take the recent TikTok trend, for example, which urged people to grind down their uneven teeth using a nail file, or the one which saw many people piercing their eyes. Popular influencers claimed that using a file was a cheap and efficient way to straighten one's asymmetrical smile, while many were ready to expurgate their own eyeballs to don a fitting piece of jewelry. However, there's one viral manicure trend that trumps all of these as it is not only disturbing and harmful but straight out cruel.



Last year, a Russian nail salon debuted a custom manicure on Instagram which involved acrylic nails with live ants helplessly crawling inside. In the video uploaded by nail_sunny, ants can be seen crawling inside the transparent coffin-like nails. The nail technician is first seen placing a clear piece of acrylic below their client's curled nails. Then using a tweezer, the artist reached into a garden, picks up a few ants, and drops them inside a small pocket on each nail. Finally, the last piece is set on top to completely seal the last piece of acrylic and the ants are seen frantically running around as the client shows off her freshly done nails. 


Posting the process of creating these death traps, the Instagram account claimed that no animals/ants were hurt in the process of making them, but the reality seems to be far from that. No animals were harmed during the making of this video' 🐜🐜🐜 ants in the nails - YAY OR NAY? What happened with ants? Look at the next video !!!!! They are breathing!!!!! it read. The revolting process was slammed by The Dodo as well as thousands of Instagram users who expressed their concern about the questionable look. 

Whether they are breathing or not, who Tf gave you the right to just pick them up out of nature and trap them on someone's fingers? This is absolutely cruel! Whether it kills them or not. I never even knew about your shop until today. Now that I do, i'm not going to become a customer. And will advise others against it, also, wrote one user. NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED? WTF! YOU PUT THEM INSIDE A TINY FUCKING SPACE TAKING AWAY THEIR FUCKING FREEDOM WHILE MAKING THEM INHALE FUCKING TOXIC SHIT FROM YOUR NAIL PRODUCTS!!! THIS IS SO FUCKING CRUEL! SICK SICK SICK, expressed another. 


No harm done??? Next video their breathing! Ugh! Yeah but not for long!!!! Disgusting and inhumane!!!!! shared one user while an ant lover said, I am an antkeeper and I have grown to love ants. You have no right to do that! Following the intense backlash, the nail technician posted another video showing that the ants were sent back where they came from. KeeP calm, We left them to breathe🐜🐜🐜, they wrote. continued the rest of the translated post. The ants in the @nail_sunny tutorial are still alive! People don't go crazy. We are not animal killers, please watch the video to the end. And I have a question for you: when you walk down the street and crush ants with your shoes - are you not killers??

Responding to this, one Instagrammer wrote: When you walk down the street and push ants with shoes - you're not murderers? There's a difference between walking outside while unintentionally killing tiny ass ants in the process and intentionally putting them in nails. Another expressed: Just learned of this, which's one of the most repulsing things I've ever seen. Yes, they can breathe, but for how long? How about food? And the incredibly complex social structure and behavior of these insects? You imbeciles. Thankfully, no one tried to replicate this look and harass the poor insects in the process. 

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