A Strong Woman Doesn't Beg, She Leaves When She Feels Unwanted

A Strong Woman Doesn't Beg, She Leaves When She Feels Unwanted

A headstrong woman is usually hard to come by, but if you have her, treat her right. If you don't, she will walk away and never look back.

A relationship is all about compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. As a woman, society expects me to be more forgiving, but how is that fair? It's not easy being a headstrong woman. But if there is one thing you should know about a strong woman, if at all she feels unwanted or like an option in a relationship, she wouldn't need to think twice about leaving you. She knows her worth, and she is not going to settle. A man who dates her needs to be worthy of her and match her standards because she's really set the bar high. Once a man's messed that up, there is no way they're getting a second chance with her. 


They say you need to cherish the precious things in your life. This applies to relationships as well. All of us, at some point, have taken at least one relationship for granted because we were pretty sure that the other person would be there with us through thick and thin. This applied to women, especially, as we are conditioned to be the more understanding one in a relationship. We were taught to forgive and forget, and let things go. 


Slowly but surely, times are changing. I know our mothers lived like that because they didn't really have a choice, but now we do. If you feel like you're not appreciated or your partner doesn't encourage you to reach for the stars, it's time to let them go. You know you deserve better and that by settling for anything less is like insulting yourself. This is what makes you a strong woman because it is never easy to let go of someone you love with all your heart and soul. 


While there is love, there comes a point where you feel unhappy. As women, men expect you to adjust to their needs. They believe that they can get away with anything because they give us love and assurance. So they suggest things that are out of our comfort zone because they know we will go through with it. 'No' is not a syllable they thought we will be able to utter. Since most men can't handle rejection gracefully, they'll suggest that you end the relationship.


That's when you make the decision. Do you want to be a weakling and stay put or be a strong woman and move on? The latter will not let this affect her, she will hold her head high and not become a bitter person because of one bitter experience. She will also not hold a grudge because she's someone who understands that things don't always go the way you want to. That's life for you, full of surprises at every turn, and you're defined by the way you deal with these surprises. 


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