Shoppers In Thailand Are Finding Creative Ways To Deal With The Plastic Bag Ban. Here Are The Best Ones

Shoppers In Thailand Are Finding Creative Ways To Deal With The Plastic Bag Ban. Here Are The Best Ones

Thailand implemented a ban on single-use plastic bags beginning this year and now people are finding alternatives to carrying their shopping home, with a creative touch.

Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and we need to take every step to ensure we save what's left of the place we call home. Several places across the globe have now banned single-use plastic bags, and come 2020, Thailand has put in the ban as well. With enormous amounts of plastic ending up in the oceans, this may, hopefully, reduce the number. According to Business Insider, scientists had estimated back in 2017 that by 2050, the number of plastic bags in the ocean would be much higher than fish. 


Thailand kicked off the new year with a ban(g) and now people are finding the most random of things to put their stuff in and the internet just cannot have enough of it. However, at the end of the day, there is just no denying that a wheelbarrow is a MUCH better option than single-use plastic bags in any way. Sure, tote bags are a way to go if you're a pragmatist, but where's the fun in that?


Surprisingly, not all tote-bags are environment-friendly, either. A study by Denmark’s Ministry of Environment and Food showed that a “reusable polyester bag needs to be used 35 times and a cotton tote bag used 7,100 times before their environmental impacts (when it comes to water and energy use) fall below that of a typical flimsy plastic grocery bag,” as the Verge explains. Also, did you have any idea that those traffic cones make for an excellent shopping bag replacement?


People have come up with some of the most interesting items to carry their shopping back home, including buckets and laundry pegs that they've actually clipped their items to. Oh, the struggles, I say. One person took to Twitter to share: "Thailand started 2020 with a major plastic bag ban so now Thais have made it a trend to put their shoppings in random things & I’m living for it LMFAO."



There was another comment that read: "I still think banning plastic shopping bags doesn‘t solve the problem. The industries keep packing their stuff in plastic and that‘s what fills my garbage bin even when plastic bags were still around here." It also had a reply: "Yup & studies in the UK where plastic bags have incurred a charge (tax) for a number of years now suggest that the rate at which bags have declined in purchase hasn’t offset the increased plastic in the bags now available (intended for multi-use)."







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