In A Bizzare Coincidence, A LOT OF WOMEN Have A Freckle At The Exact Same Place. Do You Too?

In A Bizzare Coincidence, A LOT OF WOMEN Have A Freckle At The Exact Same Place. Do You Too?

Is this a thing that we did not know about until it became a thing because everyone seems to be having it!

It doesn't really take much for things to go viral and blow out of proportion, thanks to the power of the internet. There are a lot of things that come to us because there seems to be a need for people to know what crazy thing is going on with the world. So, for your daily dose of crazy, here's what's happening right now. Surprisingly, a lot of women have one little freckle in the same place, which is in the center of their wrist. 

The chaos began when a Twitter user named Aaryn Whitley innocently posted asking: Ladies... you got a freckle on the middle of your wrist or is this a myth? Her post contained a collage that had several hands, and all of them had one freckle at the exact same spot. It was nothing but fascinating, and of course, a bit weird. This post got people talking and Twitterati was abuzz with all the women claiming they had a freckle at the same spot, too. Some even said they hadn't noticed it until Aaryn put up a post about it!


Needless to say, it went viral in minutes and has 21,698 Retweets and 56,031 Likes, as of now! It's also gotten more than 10,000 comments. So many people were amazed by the fact that they too, had a freckle at the same place. I mean, people have freckles, but is there a reason why it's in the SAME PLACE? We all know how we get freckles, it's from being exposed to the sun.  We all expose ourselves to the sun on a regular basis, but does this mean our wrists are more exposed to the sun than our faces are? Or do we all have a freckle in the exact same spot on our faces, too? Is it genetic, I don't think so. 





















Does this have something to do with the Government, or is this an alien invasion? Guess we'll never know!

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