There's Now A 'Friends' Themed Cards Against Humanity Deck For All The Inappropriate Humor

There's Now A 'Friends' Themed Cards Against Humanity Deck For All The Inappropriate Humor

It is a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity. Although they look similar, it is not created by the same company that made Cards Against Humanity.

Games night just got a whole lot more fun and nostalgic as a company recently released a card game based on the 90s hit sitcom 'Friends'. The show still is one of the most popular and most viewed sitcoms there is. A company called Etsy recently came out with a card game that looks very similar to 'Cards Against Humanity', the popular card game that really makes you question your morals. So for all those 90s-obsessed people,  here's a new game to play during Christmas, get-togethers, Bar Mitzvah, and probably even during a wake. The game is known as 'The One With All The Cards". The product is not officially made by the company that conceived the idea of 'Cards Against Humanity' but that isn't really going to stop us from buying the new game and heading straight to the coffee shop to play. The deck of cards is available officially available on the site DaisystoreGifts.

The game is available for just $9. It consists of 250 cards and puts all the characters of the game in some pretty weird situations that they would have probably never ended up in. In the description, the company explains that each of the customers will receive 99 gray cards which will provide them with prompts throughout the game. They will also be given 180 white cards that will help them find a solution to these situations they are put into. The game although sounds long, it moves pretty quickly (unless the players slow it down).


The game is not just available in the form of a card deck but can also be downloaded in the form of a PDF that comes along with the deck, in case the game sells out on the website. The company has not shared what most of the cards say, however, there is one card that has been revealed and it reads "What are you doing to my sister?" It is the phrase that Ross screams out hilariously when he sees Chandler and Monica getting down to business through the window, all the way across from his apartment.


We at least know that there are going to be cards that are literally phrases from the show that put the characters in sticky situations. Another picture reveals a second card that reads "Drinking a gallon of milk in 10 seconds" This card refers to a moment during the show when Phoebe was helping Joey with his resume. Yes, Joey wanted to put that on his resume. Impressive but does anyone looking to hire really care? I don't think so.


The last season of Friends aired in 2004 and it although it wasn't the best sitcom out there, it surely is one of the greatest of all-time. There have been several games that have been based on the show. In fact, there are even cafes that are named after the show or follow the theme of the show. 'Cards Against Humanity' happens to be one of the most popular card game today. It has been rated as one of the most fun to play card games on almost any website where it can be purchased. 


There are multiple variations of the card game. The same company, Etsy, earlier created a wizardary pack for the inner-Harry Potter fan who wanted to spice up their love of the fantasy series by playing Cards Against Humanity. It is not at all affiliated to the original company that was started in 2011 as a more offensive and risque version of "Apples to Apples". The reason the card games are so popular despite being offensive and morally wrong more than half the time is that they are creative and have managed to stay classy.


Besides the original game, 'Cards Against Humanity' has also released its own fun expansion packs including the 90s Nostalgia expansion, which also might include Friends-themed cards for fans. There is also a 'college pack', a 'weed pack', and a 'pride pack'. These hilarious expansions to the game were made by the creators based on popular demand. The game grew among players quickly and is now one of the most popular party games across the country. It is popular in many countries across the world. Maybe they should create a pack specific to each country. 

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