Cat Raped By Human, Authorities On The Lookout For Perpetrator

Cat Raped By Human, Authorities On The Lookout For Perpetrator

The cat named Donkey was found in the garden of its owners' home in Gold Coast bleeding profusely. Its injuries were mostly on its bottom pointing to the fact that it was an attack by a human. Vets were horrified when Donkey was brought to them as they had never seen a case like this before.

Humans can be capable of some very low level and sick depravity. The latest example is a case of a cat who was allegedly raped by a human in Australia so badly that her internal organs were severely damaged. The incident took place in Gold Coast and the owner of the cat as well as authorities are on the hunt for the culprit. The cat named Donkey was adopted from a shelter and lived with the family for 8 years. She had been badly abused before she was rescued and put in the shelter. Life was going well for Donkey who was placed in a loving home when tragedy struck again. She was found in the garden of her owner's house on Saturday with severe injuries and was bleeding profusely according to Kasey Vessey, a relative of the cat's owner. 



While they did not find any person nearby, the kind of injuries that Donkey suffered all point to the attack being carried out by a depraved human. Some of the descriptions given by Vessey as well as pictures shared by the family of the injured cat are extremely graphic in nature and will enrage people.  A GoFundMe page was also started for the cat's treatment. The page described the graphic details of Donkey's injures. For people with a weak heart and stomach, we suggest you skip the next paragraph. 





My parents cat Donkey (yes its name is donkey) has been brutally hurt by a scumbag of a person/s it has had its anus completely torn in 2 and had its scrotum ripped off in the process, the insides of the cat were extremely damaged and had some internal bleeding, the nurse and vet had never seen such horrific damage. The cat has received external and internals stitches and will have extensive scarring on his backside from the surgery: read the description.    (Graphic Pictures below)




The injuries even left the vets treating Donkey horrified as they had never seen a case this gruesome. Vesey has asked anyone with any information about the incident to come forward and help her and her family. The only place where Donkey was injured was her bottom and this is not something that another animal would have done, except if that animal is a human. Calling it a "disturbing" crime, Michael Beatty, an RSPCA spokesman, said, "I've never heard of one regarding a cat, it's extremely disturbing" reports Daily Mail.





He added that if the perpetrators of the disgusting act were caught, they would be charged with animal cruelty and offenses such as bestiality. The GoFundMe page further read: Please help us so that we can pay it’s vet bills. The cat will have to attend the vet every 2 days as the damage was so severe. The got the cat 8 years ago from the animal welfare, they were struggling to re-home this cat 8 years ago as it needed a lot of time to become a family cat again due to being abused as a kitten.



It continued, My parents bought it into there life and spent so much time with it, it is now a lovely cat and is great and friendly with all people. Let’s hope this act of violence doesn’t undo 8 years of loving work. The page that was created a few days ago had asked for a donation of $2,500 for Donkey's treatment. But this amount was surpassed and has reached $2,595.  Anyone with information about the incident can call Policelink on 131 444.   

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