9-Year-Old Hospitalized After Alleged 'Sexual Assault By Multiple Men' At Her Mom's Hotel Room

9-Year-Old Hospitalized After Alleged 'Sexual Assault By Multiple Men' At Her Mom's Hotel Room

Sophie was screaming in the bathroom and was in a "massive amount of pain." She was hurting "so badly that they had to take her to the emergency room."

Image Source: GoFundMe/Stand With Sophie

New allegations have emerged in the alleged abuse case of Sophie Long, a 9-year-old from Frisco, Texas. It was previously reported that Sophie was recorded saying that she doesn't want to go home with her mother and grandmother (mom's mom) because her mom's boyfriend, Mr. Jake, touches her "vivi." Soon, a GoFundMe page was set up by the girl's father who shared he was "fighting for her life while her abusers pull every resource to get their hands back on her." Additionally, Sophie has also alleged that her biological mother is complicit in the abuse and has been "encouraging it."


Yet another disturbing revelation has surfaced which explains in detail what the youngster went through while in the custody of her mother under the so-called protection of the law. YouTuber Anne Elise, who claims to have spoken to the family members of Sophie shared that the girl was heard screaming in the bathroom on Sunday evening during her stay at her father's place. As they ran in to check what the issue was Sophie allegedly said she was in a "massive amount of pain" and was hurting "so badly that they had to take her to the emergency room."


When they arrived at the hospital, little Sophie made a shocking confession saying that "there were multiple men" at the hotel room where her mother Kelly Marie Mitton and she was staying the week before. Furthermore, the 9-year-old said she was "separated' from the others and remained isolated. "She disclosed to being assaulted by multiple men and, once again, by Mr. Jake (we now know that Jake Bellington is Kelly's boyfriend)," said Elise, adding that Bellingston has already been ordered to keep away from the child by the court. "They violated that court order. Not only was the boyfriend there, but other men were also in the room assaulting her."


Sophie allegedly revealed that 'Mr. Jake' was present there because she knew the way he smelled. However, she failed to identify the other two men in the room. While authorities promised the father that Sophie was safe in Kelly's custody and had also offered a cop to stand guard, the girl alleged that "the police only came to her hotel room twice. They never came inside and they only talked to mom." They had only entered the room when it was time to transfer Sophie to her father's custody, claimed the girl. Her father also said that Sophie was allegedly suffering from PTSD and told Elise how she would often go into a state of catatonia for several minutes.

On Wednesday, her father Michael was granted the full custody of his daughter, and Sophie she along with her two younger brothers would remain with Michael as they await trial in November, which will finally end the 5-year custody between Michael and ex-wife Kelly. During a previous interview with Daily Mail, Michael and his wife Kourtney said they were wracked with guilt after learning about the alleged abuse and shared they haven't been able to sleep while Sophie was with her mom. 


"It's really, really hard. There's a lot of guilt – you try to think if there was a sign you could have seen sooner, if they were trying to tell you in some other way," said Kourtney. "It felt just awful [to hear what she said] and you feel disgusted all the time, especially with everybody telling you right and left that it shouldn't be this hard to remove a child from an abusive situation." They expressed how terrified at the thought of how someone could allow their children to go through something as horrible as the alleged abuse. Both Michael and Kourtney noted how they have seen their once bubbly and happy Sophie reduce to a mere shadow of her former self. 


They spoke about the legal obstacles they faced and claimed Child Protective Services has failed to do their part in keeping Michael's daughter safe and acting on her claims. Left with no other choice, the father decided to release the new video. "It's one of those helpless things – as a parent, you do everything you can do to make sure your child gets the help she needs. The legal system failed us miserably. I knew the only way to protect Sophie was to record everything. I realized we were completely broke, we'd spent everything we had, so you know what, if no one else is going to speak for Sophie, I'll let her speak for herself. So I released it and we'll let the world decide." He added, "While nobody wants to be under scrutiny in that way and I certainly don't want my daughter to be under public scrutiny for something so sensitive, I thought I'd let her speak up for herself rather than be put in this situation again and again."


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