9-Year-Old Boy Uses His Birthday Money To Give His Teacher A "Pay Raise"

9-Year-Old Boy Uses His Birthday Money To Give His Teacher A "Pay Raise"

His parents always taught him the importance of being kind. Showcasing in his actions was completely his decision.

For children, one of the most awaited days of the year is their birthday. There is a party, they are treated special and showered with love and presents. Things are no different for nine-year-old Parker Williams from Florida. He received $15 as a gift for his birthday to buy whatever he wanted to. But he decided to go a completely different route with it. According to CNN, Parker chose to use the money to give his teacher at Gorrie Elementary in Tampa a pay raise.


"I think more people should be nice because it's a nicer thing to do than being mean," Williams told CNN affiliate WFLA. Apparently, Williams learned this life lesson from his parents. They were sure to teach their three children to treat others with respect and love, no matter what. “We’ve said to them, when you plant seeds, you never know what will blossom,” said Parker’s mom, Jennifer Williams.



Parker's parents have ingrained the importance of showing kindness in all their kids. The little boy took it a step further by silently making a very generous gesture. He wanted to “do something nice,” he says, for the one person he thought has “the most important job," his teacher. 


“Well, I think she’s a really kind teacher, and she has her own way of teaching and she spends time on everybody,” Parker said. He also added that the decision to give her the money he made for his birthday also came easily to him. Parker reportedly thought about it for a week and that's when he decided that his teacher at Gorrie Elementary in Tampa, one whom he described as being “nice and kind,” deserved to make more money.


So, he went ahead and gave her a raise, with his own money! Parker decided to hand over the money to his teacher when she walked into class the next day. He made a note, stapled the $15 which he secured in a Ziplock and wrote, He wrote, “DEAR MRS. CHAMBERS, I DON’T THINK THAT TEACHERS GET PAID ENOUGH FOR WHAT THEY DO, SO, WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS GIFT?" It is one of the most generous and heartwarming gestures a student has ever made. 


Parker said he felt good when she smiled at the note and then gave him a hug. “She was really happy,” he recalled, with a broad smile. “It felt really good.” His mother echoes that sentiment. “The first reaction was my eyes welling up with tears that my son had that reaction all on his own, that he would do that. I cried. We never knew he did this until we found the note in his backpack.”


As for the raise he gave Mrs. Chambers? Well, she returned it to him, but not before penning a message of her own. She wrote, "I CAN’T ACCEPT THIS, BUT APPRECIATE THE GESTURE PARKER, STUDENTS LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON I TEACH.” That was enough for Parker. As someone once said, it's the thought that counts.  He learned that paying it forward is always a good idea, and he said: “It made me feel really nice and good.”


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