9-Yr-Old Girl Dies In Freak Accident, But Gives New Lease Of Life To 5 Others By Donating Organs

9-Yr-Old Girl Dies In Freak Accident, But Gives New Lease Of Life To 5 Others By Donating Organs

"Our baby was able to save four lives and someone’s vision. The transplant team was able to retrieve her liver, kidneys, heart valves and corneas," wrote the heartbroken mom on Facebook.

A 9-year-old girl from Idaho died on Thursday night, just three days after a freak accident in which her head was impaled by a piece of reinforcement bar, according to Fox News.  At approximately 8:45 pm, Shaylyn Bergeson died at the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City after undergoing a craniotomy, her mother, Jesi Bergeson, said in a Facebook post. It all started on 29th July, when mom Jesi took to Facebook to update that Shaylyn was missing. Shaylyn is missing if anyone happens to see her please let us know, she wrote. Soon after, she posted another update, one that said her precious daughter was injured. 


She wrote: Shaylyn fell from a tree and has a piece of rebar in her head we flew to eirmc and they said her condition is too complex so we are just loading up to fly to primary children. Please, everyone, pray for my baby. The injuries were severe and needed immediate assistance, but doctors at the Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital had reportedly told Jesi and Kurt that there was only a 50% chance of Shaylyn surviving the surgery. 


Jesi still gave an update that read: The piece of metal ran through the whole left side of Shaylyn's brain and they told us she would have a 50% chance of surviving the surgery. Our lil girl is a fighter and so strong and survived the procedure. She is not out of the woods, but we are so blessed to have her still. God, her sissy, and countless others have definitely been looking after her. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers please keep praying we have a long road ahead of us but our baby is alive and that's all that matters.


Jesi kept hoping for the best and posting pictures of her baby girl, adding that she loved taking her phone to sneakily click pictures with filters on Snapchat. We don't know much more about sis right now she was stable through the night but we still have a long hard road ahead of us. But she is still fighting she is so strong and even though there is a lot of swelling and half her head is shaven she is gorgeous. If anyone could come out of this as a miracle it would be our firecracker, Shaylyn. Thank you all for the continuous prayers and love we are so blessed and couldn't ask for more. We love you and will keep you updated.



Sadly, even though she did fight for her life, the injuries were just too grave and she did not make it. A heartbroken Jesi wrote: Shaylyn passed away at 8:45 p.m. very comfortably and quickly, which is important in order to perform what is called a circulatory death organ transplant. Our baby was able to save four lives and someone’s vision. The transplant team was able to retrieve her liver, kidneys, heart valves and corneas. We again are overwhelmed with how blessed we truly are and although we are completely devastated, we are also so proud and overjoyed for those five individuals who are getting a phone call with the answer to a prayer they have been desperately asking for is now possible.


Before this update, Jesi shared a life incident: A couple of months ago Shaylyn, Tristan, and I had a conversation about organ donations. She without a blink of an eye said she wanted to donate everything she could. Our angel has just always been the sweetest, kindest, and most selfless lil girl her entire life. Unfortunately, God placed the desire for us to have that organ conversation on my heart for a reason. We are currently working with the transplant to make sure she can bless as many lives as possible through this horrific tragedy.


We have been so blessed with the absolute best medical team during all this and they are still providing the best care to make sure she respected, honored, and comfortable as we allow her body to pass and continue to give life to another lil kiddo. We love you all and cannot express how blessed and loved we have and do feel through this whole process. Thank you all and please continue to pray for us as we again prepare to do the one thing no parent should ever have to do bury a baby.  In what can be described only as heartbreaking, Shaylyn's death means that Jesi and Kurt are losing their second child. Shaylyn's older sister, Briauna, died in 2016. Briauna had a rare chromosomal abnormality and spent the last three years of her life in hospice care.

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