9 Labor Nurses Working At Same Hospital Give Birth After Getting Pregnant At The Same Time

9 Labor Nurses Working At Same Hospital Give Birth After Getting Pregnant At The Same Time

The nine nurses at the Maine Medical Centre who were pregnant at the same time have all given birth - and their kids are going to be friends forever!

Nine nurses who work together and were pregnant at the same time have now given birth! The women work as labor nurses at Maine Medical Center in Portland, and all had due dates between April and July this year. The medical center announced the news in March with a congratulatory Facebook post featuring 8 of the proud mothers-to-be. “How’s this for a baby boom? Nine of our nurses (8 of whom are in this photo) are expecting babies between April and July! Congratulations,” the post said, alongside a photo of the happy nurses, wearing matching scrubs and holding up signs with their due dates. 



One of the nurses, new mom Lonnie Soucie, told CNN that the moms were all friends before this, but that going through pregnancy together has brought them all closer together. "We check in with each other daily, even if it's at 3 a.m.," Soucie said. Now that all nine babies have been born, the group posed for a photo shoot along with their babies, so that they could have a memento of their lasting bond. Photographer Carly Murray shared images from the shoot on her Instagram page, writing, "It was so much fun photographing this group of 9 labor and delivery nurses from Maine! These ladies all work together and delivered their babies between April and July." She stressed the importance of the group's profession, saying, "I hope someday these babies know just how special the work their mama's do is. My kids are 11 and 9 now but I am still so thankful for the L&D nurses that were by my side when I delivered them." One of the adorable photos shows all nine babies laid out in a circle, wearing white onesies. Another features the babies sitting with their happy mothers. The babies range from 3 weeks to 3½ months old.




“It was a pleasure to photograph this group and see the special connection they have," Murray added. Soucie told CNN that Murray takes most of her family photos, and offered to take the shots of the group with their babies. And of course, now that all the babies have been born, the new moms are already making sure that their kids are going to be friends forever. "We plan to have many play dates for our babies," Soucie said. "The next one is already planned."

Source: Instagram

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