80-Year-Old Missing Hiker Turns Up At A News Conference About His Own Disappearance

80-Year-Old Missing Hiker Turns Up At A News Conference About His Own Disappearance

Harry Harvey was separated from his hiking group during a heavy hailstorm and was missing for 4 days

Source: Facebook/The Tan Hill Inn

Phil Harvey and his wife were worried sick about the former's 80-year-old father who had gone missing on a hiking trip. According to the Washington Post, the couple brought together a group of mountain rescuers and camera crews at the Tan Hill Inn pub in northern England to make a public plea to help find Harry Harvey. The search party had spent 4 days looking for the elderly man. But then a dramatic twist took place... In what could only be described as a miracle, the press conference turned into a family reunion!




"I just got separated by getting caught in a really heavy hailstorm, a howling gale of wind," Harry said in a Facebook Live video shared by the inn. "By the time I got my kit on, it was getting really dark, so I missed what I would say was a turning. I had a plan B straight away, find somewhere safe to camp, put my tent up, keep warm, and that was it. The place where we got separated was absolutely desolate, there was no chance of putting a tent up that's for sure, so I had to find somewhere safe, which is what I did," he continued, as per PEOPLE. "I had three really good wild camping nights where I was on my own and had all the kit I needed," he said. Harry clearly isn't a fan of all the attention he got once he got back. “If I’d have known, I wouldn’t have come back — not here,” he joked at the news conference, adding that he would have found some other way to get home so he could have avoided all the attention. “I could do without all of this.”




Annette Pyrah, a wildlife photographer, was the person who found the 80-year-old lost hiker. She said she was out taking photos of birds but instead, “I found Harry,” she told the BBC. Harry was about six miles from where he was last seen. Annette cried when she realized that the person turned out to be him. "I was out taking photographs of grouse and instead of grouse I found Harry," she said."I had passed Tan Hill with a very heavy heart because I knew he hadn't been found and I thought after three days he's not going to be found. It was quite upsetting to see the police and sniffer dogs. I just looked up at the fell and this gentleman waved at me. I got out of my car and I said, 'Are you Harry? Have you been missing for three days?' And he said yes. And I started crying."




More than 100 rescue workers came together to help find Harry, according to Swaledale Mountain Rescue. Local Inspector Mark Gee, said in a statement, “This is fantastic news that Harry has been found safe and well. I want to thank all the search volunteers for their time, as well as Gamekeepers, estate owners, farmers, and local residents for their help and understanding. Thanks also to Tan Hill, who looked after the volunteers and Mr Harvey’s family”.  The Tan Hill Inn put out a post writing: please also if possible contribute to all the Mountain Rescue Teams that we’re out there, not forgetting the Dog handlers, the gamekeepers who were exceptional, the RAF, and the local Police. Here is the link for donating to the MRTs. Tan Hill itself will donate £1000 to kick this off and will not take any of the money collected. % will go to the deserving teams. Donate here.







Despite a bump on the head after falling into a stream, the 80-year-old seemed fit and well. Harry was never really "worried" during the experience. He had a bag packed with gear and has had extensive training and experience in the matter. However, his family was far less enthusiastic about the situation. “He’s had a blast and we’ve had a nightmare,” Harry’s daughter-in-law said. “He’s grounded,” Phil said of his dad. “[He’s] not going anywhere now.” We love that the family has found humor in an otherwise scary situation.



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