Dog Lies On Dirt Waiting For His Family Who Heartlessly Moved Away Leaving Him Behind

Dog Lies On Dirt Waiting For His Family Who Heartlessly Moved Away Leaving Him Behind

Larry, an eight year old abandoned Labrador Retriever, was discovered living in a dirt-filled area by a delivery driver.

The love and gratitude dogs have for their humans is par none. So, the saying a dog is a man's best friend is indeed true but is it the other way around too? Don't our faithful friends deserve the same warmth and respect they give us? Sadly, not everyone agrees to this approach and the recent victim of this barbarous injustice was an eight-year-old Labrador Retriever named Larry. The senior poodle had been abandoned by its family who conveniently left him behind before moving away. 


While it's a relatively common practice for families to get rid of their old friends once they are past their cute puppy phase, it won't be wrong to say that it's actually the most horrible and inconsiderate thing a person can do. And the poor Labrador was subjected to this unspeakable fate.  Now, with his family gone, Larry was seen spending most of his time in the parking of a landscaping business which was situated right across this previous home. Several neighbors in the area noticed how the dog waited patiently for his family to return.


Lying in the dirt for months, the faithful soul never gave up hope and expected his people to return and take him along with them. Unlike his owners, there were some good Samaritans who would often provide him some food. The betrayed soul, who once had a home and plate of food was now at the mercy of people around him to be fed for his survival. Thanks to a couple of generous construction workers and a few good samaritans, Larry would sometimes get leftovers to eat. 


The lonely dog's ill fate seemed to take a brighter turn when a delivery driver took pity on him and decided to help him out after seeing his poor condition. Use oldboy99 instantly uploaded a picture on a page dedicated to Larry and shared a message which read: This account is dedicated to this poor old boy that lives on the outside of a warehouse on my delivery route. Every day I see him hungry and thirsty waiting for any truck driver with enough heart to give him something to eat or drink. It breaks my heart and I wish I could help him but my situation simply will not allow me to bring him home. Im going to post pictures of him daily as he is until someone with the heart and position to give him a loving home.


In a follow-up post, the Instagram user shared the details of the betrayal that the poor dog had to face. He further mentioned how "the landscape company has a job to do as far as keeping the area free of trash so they keep removing any type of water bowl or food bowl that he might be able to use. It’s hot so I poured my last bottle of water in a styrofoam hamburger container. I can go and get food and water; he cannot." He finally ended the post with a heartfelt plea: If you know anyone that can help him please tag them.



The news didn't take long to reach the president of Love Leo Rescue, Sasha Abelson, who immediately reached out to the delivery person. Along with her volunteer rescuers, Abelson took Larry to a veterinarian in Los Angeles to give him the proper medical attention that he should have gotten months ago. After a thorough check-up, the vet revealed some horrible facts about his condition. Among several other things the first thing that caught the medical professional's attention was the pooch's bloated stomach which seemed very weird because he didn't have proper access to food or water for months.


In addition to that, Larry also had some bald patches on his furry leg. Then, for the most serious concern of them all, he could barely walk.  The vet informed them these symptoms that Larry had were that of Cushing’s disease, a condition which is caused due to the presence of a primary tumor in the adrenal cortex that directly produces cortisol. Given the emotional distress that the dog had been through Love Leo Rescue did not want to abandon him anymore.


For two months Larry had to live in a veterinary clinic while adjusting to her new medications and it could all happen because of the Rescue team's constant assistance. Speaking about Larry's behavior, Sarah Abelson told The Dodo, "In that time he was kind of sad, and a little depressed and reactive with other dogs. So we weren’t sure if he could live with another dog safely." With time his health improved and he was fit to be adopted once again. He got adopted by three forever family but was returned every time as he apparently didn't get along with kids and cats. 


Due to Larry's age and numerous health problems, one had to invest at least  $180 per month on his medications and this stopped many people from adopting him. But things changed in March 2019 when Regina Gifzpenc came across his story and was more than ready to adopt him according to NBC Los Angeles. The loyal dog finally got what he deserved- true love and friendship.


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