Parents Bring Up Their Daughter Making Her Believe Harry Potter Is Real And She Is A Witch

Parents Bring Up Their Daughter Making Her Believe Harry Potter Is Real And She Is A Witch

The parents apparently know it's gaslighting and that the daughter will grow up to have trust issues, but they have no plans to stop.

Image Source: IMDb/Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

For a boy in the closet under the cupboard, Harry Potter has come a long way. The books and movies are still watched and enjoyed across the globe. One couple even took to Reddit to share how they're bringing up their daughter to believe that she's actually a Witch and that the wizarding world is real. While the original post has been deleted, a screenshot of it has been shared on Twitter. Their original post was meant for them to get more creative ideas on how to keep this going. The post started with how they began this whole charade. Since our daughter was 5 and my wife and I first started reading her the Harry Potter books we have told her that she is a witch and that the Wizarding World is real.

With age, her questions started to get deeper, and her parents have been making up details about their family history and adding to the illusion. They've shared stories about times we used magic. Now, according to them, their daughter is processing many difficult subjects like racism, climate change, and even the coronavirus through this lens. They know they're lying to their daughter but they believe that the fact they know about this should spare them from judgment. They shared that before other parents judge their parenting skills, We know it's gaslighting and that eventually, she'll have to be disappointed and have trust issues with us when she learns the truth


We justify it that we are adding magic to her childhood and giving her motivation to reach her full (magical) potential (since she needs to study hard to be accepted to Hogwarts). The parents claim that they've asked her teachers about lying to their daughter about the wizarding world and they think it's more awesome and creative than damaging. They even compared their teaching methods to those of parents who teach their children about religion. I mean, how different is it from teaching your kids that God walked on water and turned water to wine? It's the same as Professor McGonagall transfiguring a rat into a goblet. 


They concluded their post asking for ideas: looking for more ideas for how to inject little bits of Harry Potter magic into everyday life using technology, crafts, and adding more details to the fanfic that is our lives, but they really didn't get a lot of those. People kept commenting that this was a really crappy way of bringing their daughter up. They also added that this can go on to have a negative effect on the little girl's life. Not to mention major trust issues when she grows up to realize that all of this was one big fat lie. u/ailamontxx wrote: You’re gonna leave your child with so much trust issues when she grows up. This is why some people doesn’t deserve kids. Ergo, you already know you’re gaslighting but you’re still doing it? Sick


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