8-Yr-Old Fights For Life After Bullies Set Him On Fire, 'They're Monsters' Says Heartbroken Mother

8-Yr-Old Fights For Life After Bullies Set Him On Fire, 'They're Monsters' Says Heartbroken Mother

Witnesses saw the attackers laughing at the boy, who was in agony, before fleeing the scene after dousing petrol and setting him on fire.

Trigger Warning: Distressing images

An eight-year-old schoolboy is now left fighting for his life after being doused by petrol and set on fire by local bullies. Kyrylo Yatsun, an Ukraine-based kid has reportedly suffered critical burns to 35 percent of his body after the frightful incident took place in Dnipro. According to Daily Mail, the child was playing in the courtyard situated near his apartment block, when he was attacked by bullies several years older than him. Eugenia Yatsun, Kyrylo 's mother, who has been beside her ailing son ever since the outrageous incident said the bullies were "not children, they are monsters."


As per a report by the Sun, the thugs splashed petrol on Kyrylo's t-shirt and before he could do anything, threw a lighter to set him on fire. Expectedly, the victim's clothes caught fire almost immediately, turning him into a human torch. The panic-stricken boy fell to the ground screaming in anguish. Witnesses saw his attackers laughing at the horrific plight of Kyrylo before fleeing the scene when people started gathering. Passerbys who noticed him writhing in pain rushed to his aid. After putting out the fire and removing his burning t-shirt, they called for an ambulance. 


The severely injured boy was then admitted to Dnipro Regional Children's Hospital where he underwent several surgeries. Due to the grave burns, the doctors had to remove patches of damaged skin from his arms, hips, torso, and head. The doctors have been doing their best to ensure that Kyrylo gets a fair chance to live for the past ten days. Speaking to media outlets, Doctor Artem Posunko said, "The boy was hospitalized in a grave condition with severe burns to 35 percent of his body."


Posunko further informed that the child was awake, however, his life still hangs from a thread as his condition is still critical. "We do everything possible to keep him alive. He is conscious and can speak but his injuries are very serious and his condition is still life-threatening," he said. The hospital also confirmed that the boy would have to undergo several skin graft surgeries in the near future due to the severity of his burns. As of now, he is required to stay under the care of the hospital for another two months before he is allowed to go home.


The heartbroken mother, Eugenia, also gave her statement revealing how she was busy cooking in the kitchen when the incident took place. Unaware of the whole thing until some kids rushed to inform her of the same, she said, "I was cooking lunch at home when some children rushed in and said that Kyrylo was injured."


Imagine the pain this mother would have undergone after witnessing her little boy lying on the ground writhing in pain! "I ran outside and saw my son lying on the ground. The skin on his belly and legs was badly burned," she grievingly recalled. She also claimed that the local bullies committed this heinous crime without any rhyme or reason. "He told me that they did it to him on purpose without any reason. They are not children, they are monsters," she recollected. 


Launching a criminal case for causing grievous bodily harm, the authorities have now arrested the attackers and are in the process of interviewing them. "The suspects say that they did not intend to set the victim on fire and that it was an accident. The investigation is ongoing," said, police spokeswoman,  Anna Starchevskaya. As per reports, if found guilty, the accused would be placed in a correctional facility for minors.  


Some Twitter users expressed their rage against such a monstrous act of crime. @YaaBooSux wrote: If I was his mum I'd find each one and do the same to them. The bullies parents must be Monsters either that or feeble-minded cretins who can't or won't control their spawn!! @Voiceofvision wrote: OMG this is terrible, that poor little boy, i dont know what to say about this only that i pray he makes a full recovery and the nasty bullies who did this are caught.


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