An 8-Year-Old Girl Has Become The Youngest Person To Hunt A 700-lbs Elk In Michigan

An 8-Year-Old Girl Has Become The Youngest Person To Hunt A 700-lbs Elk In Michigan

The girl shot the female Elk with a rifle more than 200 yards out. As soon as she killed the Elk her father got emotional and hugged her.

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Braeleigh Miller, an eight-year-old girl from Michigan, has become the youngest person in the state to hunt an elk. The girl shot the female elk with a rifle from more than 200 yards out on December 14.  Gunnar Miller, Braeleigh's father said,  "They (the gang of elk) were all still in the field when it got daylight, and we waited for legal shooting hours, and we snuck across the field and they were in a perfect position in the field, I mean it couldn't have unfolded any better." The father-daughter duo who were out on the hunt together located a 700lb elk the night before using the help of a guide. They belong to the Sunfield Township and were out hunting that night, reports Fox News.



Gunner said, his daughter bragged about the hunt to the family. Braeleigh is usually known to be the only girl among her relatives who hunt. Braeleigh said, "It's cool for me because I've never set a record before, my Dad hasn't set a record before, and my grandpa hasn't set a record before, so I'm like to them, “Ha-ha”."

A video taken of the hunt shows the little girl shooting and killing the elk while her dad gets emotional and hugs her. Gunnar himself said he was so moved by his daughter’s actions that he welled up. As reported by Daily Mail.



He said, "Yeah I got pretty worked up, I was pretty excited." Gunnar took to his social media accounts to tell the world about his daughter's accomplishments but many were not convinced. Others were not too happy that the girl was introduced to hunting.

The proud father wrote, "There were a few people on Facebook that were pretty skeptical being the size of the gun and the caliber of the gun and the amount of the kick that it has is that it was full size. It wasn't a youth gun or anything, it was a full-size rifle, and a .308-caliber has a little bit of a kick to it, but she handled it like a champ." Youth Hunting in Michigan is a sport, albeit a dying one. The state has even started a mentor youth program for hunting.

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According to Gunnar, the earlier a child gets into hunting, the more likely they are to continue it throughout their life. He added, "So doing that study and everything obviously I would have gotten my kids into hunting at a young age no matter what but to have the opportunity to have them be the one that's pulling the trigger and actually harvesting the animal at a young age is a huge opportunity for them that we didn't have when we were younger."

Gunnar said he was hopeful that more children like his own daughter will take to the sport while Braeleigh said she would take her own children hunting one day as well. 

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