8 Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog's Feelings Without Even Realizing It

8 Ways You Are Hurting Your Dog's Feelings Without Even Realizing It

Your dogs deserve nothing but love!

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Zoomies, fur, and cuddles maketh a dog, which in turn makes life better. Dogs are the best things to exist and we must be eternally grateful for them. If you're someone who has spent quite a lot of time with dogs, then you'd know that they have feelings, too. They experience the same spectrum of emotions that we do, too, like happiness, sadness, anxiety, and fear, to name a few. They are even affected by the way we're feeling. This is something dog parents know, and they take care of their pups like their own and make sure they remain healthy and happy. But, there could be times where we unintentionally hurt their feelings. Here are 8 ways how that could happen. 

1. Ignoring your dog


Dogs aren't all that different from us. No matter how old we are, we make mistakes, because to err is human. The same rule applies to dogs. They are bound to make mistakes, and ignoring them when they've made a boo-boo or when you're mad at them can break their heart. They know they've made a mistake and when they come to cuddle, it's their way of saying sorry. So, don't push them away or walk away. 

2. Laughing at your dog's fears


Isn't there something you're scared of? Insects, heights, or water? Loud noises or new places can scare your dogs as well. But mocking them when they cower in fear is just mean and can hurt them because you're someone they trust to help them out of such situations. The best thing to do would be to remain calm and comfort them. 

3. Isolating your dog for too long


You are their whole world. Please don't forget that. Sure, it's okay to leave them alone when you have to go to work, but make sure to give them extra kisses and cuddles to make up for it when you're back. Make sure they know that you're not abandoning them. However, isolation as a form of punishment is never okay and it can lead to your dog experiencing severe sadness. 

4. Interrupting your dog when they're sleeping


How would you feel when someone disturbs you when you're taking a nap? Our body needs at least six hours of sleep to function normally. Similarly, dogs need a lot of sleep, and disturbing them when they're getting some zzz's is the worst thing you could do to them. They will wag their tail and shower you with love, but know that their feelings have been hurt. 

5. Not giving them enough attention


You and your dog need each other. You can't expect them to act all cute and cuddly when you're having a bad day and then go back to ignoring them when they come to you. No, that is just not how this works. Show them that you love them, they will show you with a lot more love than you can handle. 

6. Deviating from their usual schedule


You have a schedule you follow, and if your day doesn't go as planned, it can ruin your mood, right? It's the same with dogs. While their schedule might mostly be eating, sleeping, and playing, it is their schedule, and not sticking to it can ruin their mood as well. 

7. Using a crate as a form of punishment


For most dogs, their crate is their den and they sleep there and relax. So, when you use their crate as a form of punishment, their happy den is destroyed and they start to resent it. Use a firm, yet kind voice to tell them they're wrong. 

8. Raising your voice at them


When they've made a mistake, don't yell at them, even though that's your first instinct. They can differentiate the tone in your voice and understand that you're yelling at them. If you want to let them know they've made a mistake, then make sure to be firm but use a kind voice. 

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