8 Reasons Why Strong Women Often Prefer Being Single

8 Reasons Why Strong Women Often Prefer Being Single

Why let someone else bring you down when you could be shooting so much higher like the star that you are?

Strong women often get a bad rap. Some call us high-maintenance, some call us bossy or bitchy. Some say that we'll die alone if we don't "lower our standards". But what's wrong with being alone, I ask you? And what is wrong with expecting nothing but good behavior from the people around us? Here's why women who truly know their worth just prefer being by themselves. 

1. People often find you intimidating

Let's face it, people are often intimidated by strong women who aren't afraid to voice their opinions. While you often show grit and strength while dealing with people or approaching a tough situation, not everyone may see that as a positive quality.

Well, that's entirely their problem to deal with. You know well enough not to be afraid of your emotions and have a passion for life that most can't match.  So go, live that life. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

2. You play by your own rules

You stand up for what you believe in, and your decisions aren't often influenced by others. Society? Hah. You know what you want from life and how you plan to achieve it, glass ceiling be damned. Why would you bring yourself down with a partner who may expect you to comply with unreasonable standards of "womanhood"? No thanks. 

3. You stay away from mediocrity 

Life's too short to settle for anything less than the absolute best. And let's face it, a lot of relationships aren't exactly rainbows and butterflies all along.

You've got high expectations and equally high standards, and you shouldn't settle for anything below them. People might call you high maintenance, but you know exactly how you deserve to be treated, so you'll wait till someone actually gets it. 

4. You don't entertain pretentious and fake people

We have no time for your mind games. Your Spidey-sense tingles when you see someone being phony, and you'd rather back off immediately than deal with the emotional tangle that follows.

You don't beat around the bush when you have something to say and often expect the same from people. You'll see through liars and hypocrites at once, and they know to stay away from you. You only surround yourself with honest, genuine people who aren't afraid of being open about their feelings. 

5. You don't require validation to feel secure

Being validated and recognized is great, but would you melt into a puddle without romantic validation? Nah, girl. You know you're independent enough to achieve whatever you want in life, with or without validation. It's not arrogance, it's just self-confidence.

People around you may not agree, but you don't need the haters in your life, obviously. You're better off without them and with people that actually recognize your immense potential. 


6. You're actually a very compassionate person

People often think that strong women are cold-hearted and invulnerable, especially if they're in a position of power. But you know better than that. True strength lies in knowing that vulnerability and compassion aren't things to shy away from, and you're often the first person to extend a helping hand - especially to other women.

And you definitely don't expect anything in return for something that you should be doing anyway. We're stronger together, after all. 

7. You follow your heart 

Unlike what rom-coms would have you believe, your heart is not necessarily leading you to wedded bliss or whatever. You've got ambitions that are larger than life, and you trust that your instincts are leading you on the right path...whatever that may be for you. You're not going to be sidetracked for something that goes against your values. 

8. You know that your self-worth isn't tied to a relationship

It's not like you don't enjoy being in love, or being in a relationship. But you know that it isn't an absolute essential to your life. And that means you're absolutely okay going solo, nay, you may even prefer it.

But what you simply won't abide by is being treated with even an iota of respect and care and love that's less than what you deserve. And the minute that happens, you have no issue with walking away, into the sunset, on your own. 

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