75-Year-Old Nursing Home Assault Victim, Who Got Pummelled By A 20-Year-Old On Video, Dies

75-Year-Old Nursing Home Assault Victim, Who Got Pummelled By A 20-Year-Old On Video, Dies

The viral video of the elderly man being beaten up even prompted President Donald Trump to tweet about the incident.

Source: Wayne County Prosecutor's Office

Trigger Warning: This story contains a video of terrible physical assault some users are likely to find extremely disturbing.

A 75-year-old man who was brutally attacked in a Detroit nursing home earlier in the year has died on Monday morning. The cause is still not known. As per reports from the family, Norman Bledsoe, the victim, had refrained from eating since he received the beating at Westwood Nursing Center in May, reports Fox2Detroit. The attack was so gruesome that he had suffered four broken fingers, broken ribs, and a broken jaw. Currently, the family is planning to sue the nursing home for its lax security measures which resulted in the assault.

According to prosecutors, the perpetrator of the attack was a 20-year-old named Jaden Hayden, who has been charged with two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, theft, and two counts of credit card theft in connection with the alleged beating. He is set to appear in front of a judge on Thursday where a judge will determine whether he's mentally competent to stand trial.




Speaking to Fox 2, the young man's father had said in May that his son had severe health issues growing up and that he had severe autism. According to his father, he had even called from a group home in Chelsea just a week prior to the incident, saying that he had trouble sleeping, suffered from bouts of anxiety, and was hearing voices. The father said that Hayden had been diagnosed with the virus and was set to be moved to a different facility to be quarantined and stated that he should never have been at the senior facility in the first place. Further reports suggest that Hayden had serious behavioral problems for a long time and should have been closely monitored at the Detroit nursing home, Westwood. "I just don't want people to think that he's this vicious individual. He's got mental issues," the father said.

Meanwhile, the victim's nephew, Kevin Bledsoe said his uncle had stopped eating as he suffered from depression after the attack. "His eating habits went downhill after (the alleged assault), and he lost quite a bit of weight," he said according to Detroit News.



Due to the pandemic, Bledsoe said visitors were not allowed to visit the facility where his uncle was staying until last week. "We finally were able to see him last week," he said. "He wasn't doing very good. I guess there just wasn't anything else they could do for him."

News of the May 15 attack even reached President Trump who tweeted few days later, saying: "Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is the nursing home, how is the victim doing?" The video in question shows Hayden assaulting the old man where he repeatedly punches the senior citizen in the face while he tries to resist the attack by keeping his head down.



The controversial footage has erupted on social media and many have even questioned how somebody can attack an old person so brutally and still feign innocence. Fiery Little Spitfire questioned the incompetence and asked how a Coronavirus positive patient was placed with a 75-year-old in the first place. She wrote: "What I don't get is why as a covid positive patient was 20-year-old #JadenTHayden, placed in a nursing home? Aren't the old more susceptible(sic) to covid? And how can he claim not guilty? He posted the video of him beating Mr #Bledsoe on the Internet."

As soon as the incident caught the nation's eye, the attacker's father stepped up had given details about his son's mental state. "That hurts to see that. What he did is wrong and (I offer) my apologies to the victim’s family," he told Fox 2. Hayden’s father also stated that there was a pending case in Washtenaw County where his son is accused of assaulting a staff member at another group home he was housed in.



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