73-Yr-Old YouTuber Grandpa Who Makes Massive Meals For Orphans Passes Away

73-Yr-Old YouTuber Grandpa Who Makes Massive Meals For Orphans Passes Away

“Loving, caring, sharing: this is my family." - These are the words he recited every time before starting to cook every day.

When India based Narayana Reddy started his YouTube channel, people couldn't resist sharing his good deeds with the world. He would tape himself preparing large meals to feed orphans. Within two years, Reddy, also known as Grandpa Kitchen, had gained over 6 million followers. But some devastating news was in store for people who loved watching him in action. The grandpa who was loved by everyone had passed away. He was largely appreciated for the purity of his intentions which every camera could capture effortlessly.


The secret ingredients to his popularity are that he never made seem tedious to cook for so many children, and he also experimented with his cooking. His videos feature him frying up chicken, KFC-style and even making donuts and cakes. He did it all with basic kitchen utensils and tools. He even tried his hand at making pizzas and lasagnas, and they all turned out to look beautiful. 


For those of you who have seen the videos will know that he always started them by reciting, “Loving, caring, sharing: this is my family," and it’s clear these words aren’t just some catchphrase. He lived by them. He was someone who firmly believed in helping the less fortunate and supporting his community. His food made sure that a lot of children got a bite to eat, especially in a place where poverty is prevalent. 


With 6 million subscribers, he would have made some dough, but he did not use one penny to improve his lifestyle. Instead, he donated it all to charities, so people in need would be provided with basic necessities. Reddy died on October 27 but his family waited until after his funeral to inform his many followers, according to CNN.  Srikanth Reddy, the YouTube star's grandnephew, revealed that the idea for the channel came from Reddy cooking massive meals for his family.


"We used to have jobs in the city and would visit him during the holidays and he would always make big meals for us," the younger Reddy said. "We then got the idea that we should do the same for the community." When the channel grew in size with a lot more subscribers, he and other family members quit their jobs and began working on it full time. "We will continue his work," Srikanth Reddy said, adding that his great uncle was "always friendly and smiling," and delighted in the positive reaction his videos received around the world.


"We would show him the comments and explain what they said," he said. "He was very happy when saw them." Reddy conquered the internet with his first video in 2017. Over the following two years, Reddy uploaded over 260 videos, many of which have millions of views. On Patreon, a popular fundraising platform, Grandpa Kitchen had more than 1,000 subscribers. "We entertain people by cooking food and donate the proceeds to charities," the Grandpa Kitchen team said on the Patreon site. "Our goal is to provide basic necessities like food, clothing, school supplies and birthday gifts to the orphans."


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