7-Year-Old Boy Throws An Adorable 'Mini Prom' For His Babysitter After Hers Was Canceled

7-Year-Old Boy Throws An Adorable 'Mini Prom' For His Babysitter After Hers Was Canceled

The sweet little boy decided that his babysitter should have a chance to go to prom, and so he planned the entire thing himself.

Image Source: Facebook/Becky Helton Chapman

Students graduating high-school this year are missing out on a lot of experiences due to the ongoing pandemic. It's sad most of them won't get the opportunity to hug their friends while bidding them farewell. Prom was supposed to be the last social event of their academic calendar but that's out of the question now, given the current situation we're in. However, a 17-year-old girl from Raleigh, North Carolina got to have her own personal prom, and she's got a 7-year-old boy to thank for it, according to CBS News.


Curtis Rogers, who is soon to be a second-grader, decided that his nanny Rachel Chapman should have a chance to go to prom. So, Rogers planned and executed a mini-prom all by himself! He even had a "promposal" planned for Chapman. As per WNCN, Rogers said the traditional promposal banner read: "It said 'Mini prom is not today, but will you join me on Monday'." Two days after Rogers popped the question, Chapman donned a gown and met Rogers at his house. The smart boy looked dapper in a suit and to make sure they were not breaking the rules of social distancing, he used a pool noodle. 




"I decided that we should just do this now because the coronavirus has people down in the dumps," the boy said. He made sure to plan Chapman's prom with all her favorite things, and he left no stone unturned, and this applied to the menu as well. “We had Chick-fil-A, Tropical smoothie and I know we had everything she loves,” he continued. Chapman was touched by his gesture. “It was really sweet, really thoughtful. He even remembered my favorite drink and the condiments I like at Chick-fil-A,” said Chapman. The two of them had a lovely evening together, and even shared a dance, but with the pool noodle between them. 


"I was so surprised," Chapman told Good Morning America. "I had no idea he was going to go all out. It was very thoughtful and sweet." Chapman has been babysitting Rogers for over a year now, as her part-time job. Chapman, a senior at Sanderson High School, usually picks Rogers from school, takes him to the playground, and then heads to his piano lessons. She even helps him with his homework. "She has become a part of our family ... he absolutely adores her," Rogers' mom, Elissa said. "She's a just great person with a good heart so it's been a blessing to have her helping us out with Curtis."


"It was a sweet thing for him to do," Chapman's mom Becky added. "They have a special relationship." People were heaping praises on Rogers and his efforts to help Chapman experience prom. Jennifer Hand commented on Facebook: He is the cutest!! That little suit 💙😍 so sweet! She looks gorgeous and I hope she had the best prom ever! What a great memory to make.  Jessica Karp Long added: This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time!! I’ve shown it to my whole family and just told my daughter “this is the kind of thing that should go viral”. Brought tears to my eyes in the best possible way! What a sweet and adorable boy you have!




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