6 Things Only People Who Believe In The Power Of Prayer Will Understand

6 Things Only People Who Believe In The Power Of Prayer Will Understand

Those who have faith know that God will never give up on them.

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The world is divided when it comes to believing in the existence of God. Some believe it, some don't, some are confused, indifferent, and what not! Sometimes, it does seem like God doesn't exist, because of the way things are turning out to be, especially this year. But before something great happens, something bad has to pass through. You have to climb the mountain to enjoy the view. If you're someone who strongly believes that God is watching you, then you have faith that he has a reason for doing what he does and that when it truly counts, he gives you the strength to get through hard times. And you know that only those who pray with truth in their heart understand and believe in these six statements:

1. You know there is a power above that is wise and kind


In life, things don't always go the way you plan them. A small dent in the plan can be inconvenient, but it does not mean God has given up. You hold onto such situations because of your faith and it's what actually gets you through these rough times. Just think of it as a test that the Almighty is putting you through. You will get out of it through the other side much stronger. 

2. You believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching


If you see a dollar on the floor, your first instinct is to return it to the person who may have lost it. For most others, their first instinct would be to pocket it and flee. That's where the difference is between you and them. You've been put on this Earth because He believes you will be kind to others, even when there's no one around. 

3. Even when things are difficult, you believe faith will guide you to a better place


There have been instances where we tend to call out to God because things have gotten bad for us. But, even during such trying times, it is your faith in God that led you to the path of righteousness. There is light at the end of the tunnel and the Almighty is the light that shines bright. 

4. People mistake your kindness as being naive but you still wish well for others


There's no charge for being kind to people. You're always willing to help other people in need and sometimes, this causes others to think that you're naive and ignorant. But he put his faith in you to remain kind in the face of adversity. So you still wish well for even your enemies because they're human and the children of God, just like you.

5. Even though you have doubts, you believe that God knows better


It's okay to doubt what we know because we have so much access to information that suggests otherwise. Due to this, we are always considering different options. These doubts that fill our heads and hearts are taking place due to our own limitations. However, prayer helps you realize that a lot of things are out of your control and that God knows best. 

6. You have received signs and messages that have guided you when you needed answers


You would have probably gone through moments of severe distress when you did not know what to do. It was in those moments that you were reassured because your faith told you that God was by your side through the little signs and messages He sent. Whether it was a note in the right place or the kindness of someone else, you knew He was there for you and it helped you!

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