6 Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell You That You're In The Wrong Relationship

6 Signs Your Body Is Trying To Tell You That You're In The Wrong Relationship

You're in a relationship with someone you thought was the person of your dreams. The first few months are always smooth sailing. They call it the honeymoon phase for a reason.

It takes a lot of work to maintain a relationship. Both people need to invest in the relationship to make it work. Not many actually last, though. You see, some people confuse love with infatuation and they believe a momentary connection is something that actually holds them together. You're in a relationship with someone you thought was the person of your dreams. The first few months are always smooth-sailing. They call it the honeymoon phase for a reason. As time passes, you both begin to bicker over the silliest of stuff and realize the "I'm head over heels in love" feeling isn't there anymore. You just feel it in your body. You know your partner is not "the one" for you, and your body might also be giving out signs that it is true. 


You would never get into a relationship with someone if you felt this way as soon as you met them, right? You are in a relationship that started off as a happy one, but now, there's trouble, and something in your gut tells you it's not the right one, but you just can't put your finger on the problem. Actually, this is when you need to pay a little attention to your body and you can actually figure out what is wrong! Here are a few physical signs that your body is giving to point out that your partner may not be "the one".


1. There's this constant feeling in the pit of your stomach that just won't go away:


This is supposed to be the time when the warning signals in your body are going off. Uh-oh, something's wrong can loosely be translated to a sinking feeling in your stomach. It's funny how a stomach full of butterflies can just as easily change to a nagging feeling. You're always tensed around your partner. The more you ignore this feeling, the more you force yourself to spend time with someone who was not meant to be with you. 

2. There could be a leaky gut involved in the relationship:


As bizarre as it sounds, couples who have a not-so-smooth relationship with one another may actually suffer from a leaky gut. According to a study conducted by The Ohio State University, there is a strong link between hostility and LBP (lipopolysaccharide binding protein), a biomarker that indicates bacteria in the blood. What's more, LBP and inflammation are strongly linked together. The more a couple fought, the more likely they were to have a leaky gut. 

3. You have a constant headache



If you're in the wrong relationship, you will experience this nagging headache. You need to pay attention to it. It may not be 'just a headache' that you brush off because you stayed up too late. When you're in a relationship that does not work for you anymore, you're in a constant state of tension, which translates to a headache. If these headaches happen frequently, think of it as a warning from your body that you're stuck in the wrong relationship, especially if you're fine all day and the headaches occur only when you're together or about to spend time with one another. 

4. You twitch constantly:


Twitching in case of you being anxious happens to your fingers and toes. Your body remains constant, but your fingers and toes move. When we're nervous, we pace around to calm ourselves down. This is just like that but you're constant and your fingers and toes are doing the moving for you. If this happens when you're about to meet your partner, or while you're spending time with them. It could even happen when you're talking about your future with your partner. If this happens constantly, then it's something you must not ignore. Listen to your body when it's trying to warn you!

5. You lose your voice:


Do you ever seem speechless, literally when you're spending time with your partner? If you're a believer of chakras, then this means your throat chakra is blocked, which is why you have throat problems. This figuratively translates to you not being able to say what you really want to your partner. It could also mean you're just not ready to come to terms with something yet. What you could do is observe if this cough happens only if you're with your partner or this happens when you're with other people, too!

6. You experience breathlessness:


When you move too quickly, you experience shortness of breath. It's like when you work out at the gym and then you do more than you usually do, you begin to pant, and gasp for breath. This is basically just that. Maybe you rushed into the relationship too soon, and now it's catching up to you, making you breathless. It can be a sign from your body, telling you to slow down, for your own good. These signs are all your body trying to tell you that something is not right. Nothing is unfixable, and if you pay attention to your body and the warning signs coming from it, there's no reason why the damage can't be repaired. 

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