6 Signs That Show You Are A Negative Person

6 Signs That Show You Are A Negative Person

Please remember that being a negative person does not mean you're a toxic person. They're different.

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We've all been in a place where we felt like we're so farther down the rabbit hole that there's no way out of it. Each person feels it for a different reason. It could be a breakup or giving up on a dream, or anything at all. It's tough to put on a smile and walk around when this happens. It is difficult to be happy, especially for other people because nothing is going right in your life. Somehow, this makes you a "negative person." When you look at the description of negativity, it sounds quite a lot like sadness, irritability, hopelessness and catastrophic thinking that is part of depression or anxiety. 


Here are some signs of a negative person:

1. You can't be happy for the people around you


Owing to the place you are stuck in, you feel somewhat jealous when someone achieves something they have worked for. Experts believe that this is an inferiority complex and not jealousy, and the hostility is your defense mechanism. 

2. You don't believe in yourself


No matter what people say, you just don't believe you're capable of succeeding. Sure, you have faced trying times, but now, all the affirmations don't matter.  

3. You always try to control the situation

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You know how it feels to have situations go out of hand and you feel the constant need to control everything. While some people may think you're being bossy or negative, it's actually your way of dealing with the demons inside you. 

4. You feel like there's no happiness in your life


Every day seems like a drag and you don't remember the last time you felt light. Irrespective of what you do, you just can't feel happy or even smile. Every few hours, you feel like your eyes fill up with tears. Your friends keep telling you to cheer up but what do they know about the battles your fighting. 

5. You can't take it when people offer you advice

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Even with the best intentions, loved ones usually take it upon themselves to mend/fix you. They come with their tips and tricks, or the very popular "just snap out of it" lecture you must have heard. As much as you know they mean well, you ask them to back off. 

6. You seem to have people moving away from you

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Now that you have told people to back off, they stop coming to you. Of course, you've hurt their pride. They think that even though they tried to help you, you pushed them away. Little do they know of the struggles you had that made you the way you are. 

Here, the first thing you need to understand, toxicity and negativity are two different things. Just because you're engulfed in negativity, you're not a toxic person. As for the situation you're in, even though you feel this way now, the one thing that can actually help you is to find someone to talk to. Even though it may seem like a stupid idea now, seeking a professional's help will actually get you out of the dark place you're in. 

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