It's Better To Stay Single Than To Be With The Wrong Person

It's Better To Stay Single Than To Be With The Wrong Person

Being single is not all that bad, there are actual benefits to it! Once you end it with the wrong person, take some time to heal and get out of all that negativity. You'll find that there are a lot more opportunities awaiting you.

Most of us are woke adults who know what we want in life, but when it comes to love we're lost. We stay with someone we know isn't right for us. I mean, the signs are all there but we still ignore them and stay where we are. Have you ever wondered why? "Research shows that one of the main reasons people stay in relationships is the fear of being single," relationship expert Wendy Walsh, Ph.D., author of The 30-Day Love Detox tells Women's Health magazine. Sadly, you're not the only one to feel this way.  The thought of being alone scares us so much that we'd rather be with someone who doesn't appreciate us than remain single. 

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As difficult as it is to let go of your partner, especially in a toxic relationship, once the decision's been made and you've moved on, you don't just go ahead and jump into a new relationship. You need some time to work on yourself so that you can heal and come out of that negative space completely. When you take some time off dating, you get to explore new areas of interest and rediscover yourself, so the next time you find someone attractive, you'll know for sure about what you want. 

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Here are six reasons why being single is actually better than being in a relationship with the wrong person:

1. You learn to be a lot more independent






Being in a relationship is all about depending on one another. But, if you're in a relationship with the wrong person, you're bound to be stripped of your freedom and it feels like you need permission for everything. Being single means you get to make all the decisions in your life and you don't need anyone's permission to do so. 

2. You will now have time to reconnect with people

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A relationship takes up most of your time, and some say that you actually end up losing two of your closest friends because of your relationship. Now, when you're single, you've got a lot more time to meet up with those friends you ignored then because of your significant other. 

3. You can spend some time to figure out what you want in a relationship

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You get some clarity and some time to think about what you want from the next relationship. Even though you may feel like your heart may never heal and you'll never find anyone else, with time, you'll get back on your feet. With the experience from your previous relationship, you'll have a better idea of all the red flags to look for. 

4. You get to put yourself first

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We are built to put other people first, so don't blame yourself for that. Now that you're single, you get to prioritize. Love and pamper yourself, because you know you need it.  If shopping helps, go out and splurge, or if it's some alone time that helps you, do that. You've ignored yourself long enough. 

5. You get to date people and have a little fun

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The first guy you meet after breaking up may not always be Mr. Right. Don't limit yourself when it comes to options. There is a world of possibilities, only if you're open to them. All you need to do is look for them in the right places. Also, dating a few men will give you an idea about the kind of men there are, and the kind you are looking for. 

6. You deserve to be HAPPY!

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When you settle for a crappy relationship because you were scared of being alone, it was your happiness that you sacrificed. Think about it, was he really worth your happiness? No one is worth that. The right man will never cause you to be unhappy, remember that. You DESERVE to be happy, and you deserve to find someone who makes you happy! 

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