Man Married To Woman For 23 Yrs Comes Out As Gay; His Wife And Son Are Gay Too: "We Can't Live A Lie"

Man Married To Woman For 23 Yrs Comes Out As Gay; His Wife And Son Are Gay Too: "We Can't Live A Lie"

53-year-old Bruce Downer reveals that him coming out of the closet helped his son come out as gay as well.

A 53-year-old Connecticut man celebrated Sunday's Pride parade along with his family after he finally came out of the closet after being in a heterosexual marriage for 23 years. Wearing a handmade tiara, Bruce Downer confessed that he's never felt better after spilling the secret he had been holding on to for more than two decades say reports. Downer also discovered that both his ex-wife and youngest son were homosexuals as well.


The registered nurse residing in Middletown ultimately gathered the courage to give up a life of lie and finally live the way he always wanted to. According to the New York Post, Downer said, "I was married to a woman for 23 years, but that’s all gone." He also revealed the fact that he was done hiding his true feelings. "I finally was strong enough to say I don’t want to live this life anymore, I don’t want to continue to live a lie. I wanted to live my true life."


Shortly after Downer and his wife, Joanne Hamilton, were divorced, she confessed that she was a lesbian. He then informs how his wife is now engaged to be married. "I didn’t know she was gay and she didn’t know I was gay and we were married for 23 years," admitted Bruce who has been participating in this parade for the past three years. Of course, suppressing one's real self affects the family as well. But for their 23-year-old son, Tyler this proved to be a rather helpful process as he realized he too was gay and came out.


 Due to his dad's story, Tyler found it easy to talk to him regarding any matter. "I sort of knew before he told me," said Tyler. "It was easy to talk to him because I knew he would understand," he added. The duo confessed that unlike any father-son relation they too have their fair share of arguments but they owe it to them being so alike. Speaking about them knocking head, he said, "I learn some things from my father but sometimes it’s stressful because I always feel like he is critiquing me about what I’m doing because he is the same."


Tyler, who was visiting the parade for the first time, also has an older brother who is just a year older than him. He also informed that unlike him and Downer, his brother was straight. When asked what he thought about his wife moving on, he simply confessed that he is single and is looking at the moment. The father of two also revealed his happiness and pride. "I am now very happy. I love the person I am, no self-hatred," he said. Continuing further he expressed, "Today, I’m celebrating with my community. It makes me feel so proud."


After going through the public records, the outlet discovered that Bruce Downer and Joanne Hamilton got married in 1994. They also tried to reach out to Hamilton for a comment but she did not respond. While some could not help but congratulate the man for his courage, there were many who could not get past the betrayal. @Dwightsrealnews wrote: Who knew???... No one, Apparently... Congratulations!!!... @PatHarrigan1 appreciated this writing, Well that’s just great. I really needed to see that. Another Twitter user wrote: It happens more other then we know. @thufir0 seemed to under the pain Downer had been going through all these years. He wrote: That’s sad. Stifling your true self for decades because of insecurity...eesh, can’t imagine.


On the other hand, @nopasa's comment read: They betrayed their spouses. What's there to be proud of in that? @DStugotz98 too joined this wagon and wrote: LOL. This World gets more insane by the second. Good grief. A Twitter user could not wrap his head around the idea of this. He wrote: Sick. Sad. Bible is the only way. Read the Bible and repent. @jesusac06448338 wrote: And is that an overwhelming accomplishment of some sort?!?!


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