5-Year-Old Asks For Cereal, Mom Beheads Her And Turns Herself In

5-Year-Old Asks For Cereal, Mom Beheads Her And Turns Herself In

The mother has since been found guilty of capital murder of a child under ten. She has been awarded life imprisonment.

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There's perhaps no one you can think of who is more caring or nurturing than your mother. Unfortunately, 27-year-old mother Krystle Villanueva is probably far from your understanding of what a mother should be. In 2017, she was arrested for brutally decapitating her daughter because she "asked for cereal," PEOPLE Magazine reports. After a trial that lasted two weeks, she was awarded life in prison for her actions on Wednesday. The child's family has been grieving their tragic loss ever since the incident took place. Thankfully, Villanueva will not be able to hurt any more children.


The incident took place on January 5, 2017, in Hays County, Texas. Hays County deputies were called to her home in Kyle, Texas, where they discovered that Villanueva had viciously stabbed and murdered her daughter, who was five years old. It was the child's grandfather, Eustorgio Arellano, who called 911 and informed officials that she had attacked him from behind without any warning. She had stabbed him in both the back and the head. He managed to flee from the household but told deputies that his granddaughter was still inside the house with mom Villanueva. Due to how dangerous the circumstances were, SWAT teams and negotiators were called in, just in case they had to handle a potential hostage situation.


However, Villanueva had also called 911. She informed emergency responders that she had killed her daughter because “she asked for cereal." Eventually, investigators were able to make it inside her home and survey the household. The investigators found the mother freshly showered and nude in the front room. Meanwhile, her daughter was in the bedroom, where she was found "stabbed to death and decapitated." Villanueva was later found with traces of both alcohol as well as marijuana in her system.


During the trial, the mother and her lawyers filed an insanity plea. Her defense team claimed that at the time of the attacks, Villanueva had believed that her daughter and father-in-law had been replaced by clones. She was convinced that in order to bring back her real family, she had to murder the "clones." She had been previously treated for mental health problems. In response, the prosecution argued that her mental health treatment had overlapped with prior drug abuse, which medical professionals testified has been known to worsen existing mental illnesses. Furthermore, she had not exhibited similar behavior before the incident or since.


The jury subsequently rejected her insanity plea. Therefore, the mother was found guilty of capital murder of a child under 10 and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Judicial District Judge Bill Henry sentenced Villanueva to life in prison and an additional 20 years in prison for the attack on father-in-law Arellano. Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau stated, "A case like this leaves an unforgettable mark on everyone involved, especially the child’s family. Every law enforcement member who worked on this case will forever be traumatized by what Ms. Villanueva did to her innocent daughter. I commend all the investigators and officers who endured this horror with calm professionalism so that justice could be done."


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