5 Pups Lose Fur And Tragically Die After Being Attacked With Chemicals

5 Pups Lose Fur And Tragically Die After Being Attacked With Chemicals

The tragic event unfolded in Jelli Weni's residence who holds her brother-in-law, Haris responsible for the death of her puppies.

TRIGGER WARNING: Distressing content

Five puppies passed away in the most painful fashion after their owner's brother allegedly poured a liquid chemical on them. The tragic event unfolded in Jakarta, Indonesia. The pooches' mother is also sustaining serious injuries. This act of cruelty occurred at Andre and Jelli Weni's residence on Sunday, according to The Jakarta Post. Speaking to the outlet, the lady of the house held her husband, Andre's older brother, Haris, responsible for his ruthless crime.


Recalling the unfortunate day, Jelli explained how she was woken up by the sound of her dogs' whimpering. Investigating the source of the helpless cries, Jelli arrived at her dog's cage where she saw Haris washing his hands. "I asked [Haris] why my dogs were crying. But he said it wasn’t his fault," she told  kompas.com. On shifting her attention to the pooches, she spotted white blotches under the cage, presumably caustic soda or floor liquid cleaner, which she thought was hot water. Then suddenly her dogs began shedding their fur profusely. On examining further, Jelli noticed their bodies were covered with blisters. 


Concerned about her pups' deteriorating health, Jelli immediately took them to a nearby animal clinic with the help of Natha Satwa Nusantara Foundation, an animal welfare group. Unfortunately, four of the puppies passed away soon after they were admitted. However, one pup, which the Natha Satwa Nusantara Foundation named Deadpool hoping he would beat the odds and survive just like the immortal character in the comics, survived. According to reports, Deadpool was blinded following the incident and was constantly throwing up. This behavior led the veterinarian to suspect that the animals subjected to some kind of chemical and not hot water. 


Sadly, the next morning Deadpool succumbed to his injuries. Suspecting her brother-in-law, Jelli revealed that Haris shows symptoms that indicate some kind of mental disorder or condition. She added that he (Haris) seemed to be under stress lately and would often play with water at home. "Sometimes he is grumpy and he walks alone while talking to himself," she told the outlet. It was obvious to her that Haris disliked animals leading her to suspect him for the heinous crime. 


According to reports, the animal welfare group's Operations Director Anisa Ratna Kurnia filed a police complaint about the deaths of the five puppies but no charges have been filed yet. Currently, Natha Satwa Nusantara is working with the owner's testimony and piecing the details to make a valid argument. "The in-law splashed the six dogs, according to A,"  Anisa told Kompas referring to Andre. "I don’t know why. When we asked, the owner didn’t speak much. The owner and his in-law still maintain good relations."


Although certain reports say that Jelli was ready to provide a testimony detailing Hari's "outrageous" act which has allegedly killed five pups, and restricted their mother to the intensive care, to fight for her life. "Even netizens have commented as if they are the owners [of her dogs]. How can I do nothing? I won’t withdraw the [police] report," she added. 


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