4 Creative Tips To Help You Release That Pent Up Anger Within You

4 Creative Tips To Help You Release That Pent Up Anger Within You

A few simple tips can help you deal with all that anger within you.

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Anger is a basic human emotion. We also live in a world which doesn't fail to bring it out from time to time. Even the calmest fail to control it. Life doesn't always go the way we want it to, and sometimes, a small hiccup could lead to an explicit outbreak, but sometimes we have no choice but to keep it within us, for fear of being judged. You need to have a relationship with anger, to know where to let out some steam. See, it is important to let it out, like a pressure cooker, because, otherwise, it can burst. As adults, some people have difficulty in expressing their anger, and there could be several reasons for it.


One, it could be because they come from a family where they were made to repress their anger. Finally, when it all comes out, it explodes, causing havoc. Then, there are families where anger is the norm for them. When a child grows up in such an environment, they believe that there's nothing wrong with being angry all the time. Finally, if a woman is angry, there could be a possibility that she hails from a family where she was surrounded by toxic masculinity. Yes, there are families like that where men are allowed to express their emotions, even rage, but that doesn't apply to women. However, if you need to let out some steam, then here are four ways to creatively let your anger out:

1. Breathing exercises


Yes, something as simple as inhaling and exhaling has a lot more complex processes involved. Honestly, taking a deep breath in stressful situations always helps one think rationally. When you get angry, your breathing speeds up, it becomes faster, and sometimes it feels like you can't breathe. When this happens, it's best to use a paper bag to breathe into and keep monitoring your breath, until you finally feel like it's back to normal.

2. A creative outlet


Sometimes, when we're angry, we feel like destroying everything that comes in our peripheral vision and this includes people and our relationship with them as well. Hence, when we feel like we're about to explode it is always good to let it out in a creative manner. You could always write about what is bothering you or furiously scribble on a piece of paper till you feel like you've calmed down a bit. It doesn't matter which creative method you choose, but it's important for you to pick one and let off some steam.

3. A way to let off some steam


Unbridled movement always helps if creativity is not your cup of tea. Go for a long run till it exhausts you, or make full use of a punching bag till you feel like you've managed to release all of your pent-up frustration. If nothing is possible, just hit your pillows till you feel like you've let out some steam. Well, this may seem like it's too simple to work, but actually, this is one of the most effective ways to deal with your anger. 

4. A third-person's view on your situation


Whenever you feel too angry or frustrated, always think of the situation from another person's view. What would they feel about the situation? Do you really feel like your reaction to the issue is justified? Or is it a tad bit too much? Perhaps, some laughter might do some good? It helps to laugh it off, but understandably, it is hard to do that from your own perspective, which is when a third-person's perspective comes in handy. 

With time, you will learn to release all your anger in a productive manner without letting it boil over into something else.

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