3-Yr-Old Stabbed By Mom's Boyfriend To Be Taken Off Life Support: "He Wanted To Become A Cop"

3-Yr-Old Stabbed By Mom's Boyfriend To Be Taken Off Life Support: "He Wanted To Become A Cop"

The boyfriend first got into a fight with the boy's mother, and then he went home and assaulted the little boy.

In what can only be seen as a horrific crime, a three-year-old boy, who was allegedly stabbed multiple times by his mother's boyfriend while he was sleeping Wednesday morning in his Winnipeg home, will be taken off life-support, according to his aunt, reports CBC. "[He] went for an MRI and he has severe brain damage. He's not gonna make it," Roxanne Moar said, through a text message. The little boy, Hunter Straight-Smith was found with multiple stab wounds when police officials arrived at his house in the city's North End around 2:30 a.m. CT Wednesday.

Hunter was then rushed to the hospital in a very grave condition where he was given two blood transfusions and placed on life-support. A vigil was conducted for the boy on Friday afternoon and family spokesperson Darryl Contois told the dozens of people who attended that the family will make a decision later that day about when to take him off life-support. "She's been through hell and back," he said, referring to Hunter's mother, Clarice Smith.



A few people at the vigil came to share words, prayers, and music, while others in the crowd brought cards, flowers, signs with their condolences, toys and Halloween candy for the young boy. Contois said Hunter was a smart and funny child who had big dreams. He wanted to become a police officer when he grew up. Contois also said he visited Hunter earlier today. "To see a baby lying there that did no harm to no one really broke my heart," he said.



Clarice's boyfriend, Daniel Jensen, 33, has been charged with attempted murder and assault causing bodily harm, as well as six counts of failing to comply with conditions of recognizance and failing to comply with a probation order.  Winnipeg Police Service spokesperson Const. Jay Murray said the police can't comment on Hunter's condition because of a law that prohibits them from speaking about medical conditions.



However, if Hunter dies, he said police would look at upgrading the charges. "But I've been told that hasn't happened at this time." According to the police, Jensen and Clarice got into an argument at a location on Main Street and it escalated into a violent assault. Clarice Smith suffered a number of injuries from that incident, police said. "They're not believed to be life-threatening, but I don't want to characterize them as minor either," Murray said earlier this week.



The cops then add that Jensen walked over to the house and then attacked Hunter. This could be because he was agitated over the fight he had with Clarice and this was his way of getting back at her. However, this is not the first time Jensen has resorted to abuse.  According to court records, Jensen was charged in July with assault with a weapon and uttering threats against Smith. Murray said the incident has been "incredibly tough for all levels of emergency personnel" who have been somehow involved with Hunter and his family and will continue to be so.



"As these emergency personnel move away from the incident and have some time to decompress, it can be very tough," he said Friday. "It's one that will weigh [on] officers, will remain with officers, for a very long time." The Winnipeg Police Service has several resources available to officers, he said, and he expects people will use them after a difficult week. The poor boy deserved to have a life, filled with dreams and goals, but thanks to an act of spite, it's all over for him.


Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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