3-Year-Old Was Called "Ginger & Ugly" By Bullies; He Has A Heartbreaking Reaction To It

3-Year-Old Was Called "Ginger & Ugly" By Bullies; He Has A Heartbreaking Reaction To It

The boy was bullied by his friends for having ginger hair, and his mother witnessed it first hand, which left her feeling broken.

At some point in our lives, we have come across people who are bullies. We've known them or encountered them. But, did you know bullying begins at a very early age? This is about a three-year-old boy who was bullied by his classmates, for the color of his hair. Three-year-old kids are not supposed to know what color things are, and yet they are bullying people. According to Daily Mail, a boy asked his mom why he had "horrible hair". He's a redhead and was bullied by the others because of the color of his hair. 


This obviously left his mom distraught, so Lauren Russell decided to board the bus with her son, and that's when she actually heard all the mean things the kids in the bus said to her son. She soon took to Facebook to write an emotional post after she witnessed her son Noah Gilbert being picked on over his hair color. The Mirror reports that Lauren, from Southampton, said the comments included: 'I would hate my child to be ginger, I would kill it' and 'All kids with ginger hair should go straight to social services'.


Lauren, who is a full-time mom, said, "This has had such an effect on Noah, it's just unfair. I have naturally ginger hair too and I remember being bullied growing up, but not as young as three. Noah's now really aware of his hair color and thinks it's horrible. He doesn't understand why he isn't blonde like his siblings. I couldn't believe these spiteful teenagers could upset my son like that."


"Since sharing what happened on Facebook, I've had hundreds of people messaging me from the UK, and even Turkey and Australia, all showing support and saying how gorgeous Noah is. When I read all the nice comments to him, his face was priceless. I hope he'll be able to forget the nasty remarks now, but I still want an apology from the teenage boy. I've already contacted the high school he goes to so that he can say sorry to Noah in person. What he did was totally unacceptable," she added.


In addition to Noah, Lauren and partner Nathan Gilbert, 28, are parents to five-year-old Charlie and seven-month-old twins Jacob and Zachary. Out of Noah's three siblings, he's the only one with ginger hair. He had no issue to worry about that, until now. Lauren recalled everything that happened on the bus. Lauren said, "We got on the bus after picking Charlie up from school like every other day." That's when they heard all the children say these horrible things to Noah. 


"I saw Noah staring at him and he's definitely taken the comments on board, so I said to the boy, 'How dare you?' But all he said was he hadn't noticed my son was ginger. He only looked about 13. That was what worried me the most - that a schoolboy can turn around and say something so cruel. The bus was packed and even the driver noticed what had gone on. He asked if we were OK and told me what school the boys were from," she said. 


"That night, Noah said he wished he had the same hair as Charlie. He said to Charlie, "I have horrible ginger hair, don't I?" But Charlie told him he had beautiful hair. He has never mentioned his hair color in the past. It has never been a problem for him before. When he learned his colors he would say his hair was "orange", but that wasn't something to be bothered about. When he was born with ginger hair, I and Nathan worried he would get bullied when he was older like I did, but never imagined it would happen this young," added Lauren.


"It is my worst fear, him going through what I went through, getting picked on all the time. You wouldn't think people would still do that anymore," she concluded.  She posted on Facebook: The reason I am trying to go public with this is that I know these cruel bullies are in the minority. I want to show my little boy that there is more good in this world than bad. There are kind and caring nonjudgemental people who won't ever single him out. I ask you all to please share this and show my boy how beautiful he is. I want to show him the good in this world with the power of Facebook. It isn't okay to bully somebody for their hair color, not now. Not ever. Her post has been shared more than 18,000 times and has garnered a lot of comments, too. 


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