Three 12-Year-Old Boys Deliberately Caught Starting A Fire As Bushfires Ravage Australia

Three 12-Year-Old Boys Deliberately Caught Starting A Fire As Bushfires Ravage Australia

All three boys have been dealt with Australia's Offenders Act and are required to attend a youth conference for the offense of causing a bushfire.

Three 12-year-old boys in Australia have been punished after they deliberately set off a bushfire in New South Wales, even as one of the most devastating forest fires continue to rage.

Two of the three accused boys had allegedly lit a grass fire at a reserve in Koonawarra in Wollongong at around 10:20 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Daily Mail. As for the third one, he lit a fire behind a sports club on McGregor Avenue in the Wollongong suburb of Warilla at 12:15 p.m. on the same day. 

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Thankfully, the emergency services were alerted immediately and on arrival, they were able to extinguish the fire completely stopping it from spreading any further. Sharing his concern over the increasing number of deliberately lit fires across the district, Lake Illawarra Police District's Inspector, Brian Pedersen said, "It's quite distressing to see young people, in particular, continuing to ignore the message about how dangerous fires can be. We are urging the whole community to be vigilant and report any suspicious behavior."

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All three of them have been reportedly dealt with under the country's Young Offenders Act— which came into effect in 1998 and seeks to direct young offenders away from court by guiding them to alternative forms of intervention — where they are required to attend a youth conference for the offense of causing a bushfire.

This potentially destructive incident comes shortly after an emergency warning was issued as the raging bushfires in the New South Wales south coast grew double in size. The blazing fire in the north of Batemans Bay that quickly spread after being stirred up by westerly winds had already ravaged more than 11,560 hectares of land and is now expanding towards the east, reports the publication. 



The Princes Highway situated between Termeil and the Kings Highway turn off has been closed down in order to cut all access to coastal communities in the area. As for the residents dwelling between Kioloa and North Durras, including, Pebbly Beach,  Bawley Point, Depot Beach, and Pretty Beach, have been warned that it is now too late to leave the area.

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"Fire activity increased over the evening due to strong westerly winds," reported Rural Fire Service NSW, as per Daily Mail. "Firefighters are working in the area to protect properties where possible. Seek shelter as the fire impacts. It is too late to leave," they added.



Angela Burford, an RFS spokeswoman revealed that the flames pose a significant risk to houses in the area. On Monday, the fire crew in the west of Sydney were on high alert after a series of cold fronts mopped across the state.

The untamed fire burning in the south of Katoomba could be witnessed from the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains the same night. Although it did create a lot of smoke, there was no immediate threat to the homes situated in the Blue Mountains, advised the RFS. 



Since July this year, two million hectares of land have been destroyed due to 7,000 fires that raged across the state in the "most challenging bushfire season ever," reports Daily Mail.

The calamitous fire has claimed the lives of six people and destroyed 673 homes and 1400 other buildings. On Monday, a complete ban was issued across the far north coast including Greater Hunter and New England regions due to the forecast of windy conditions. Around 150 grass and bush fires were raging across NSW on Sunday and a third of them were uncontained. The air quality in southwest Sydney has been declared hazardous. 


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