26-Year-Old Dad Dies While Saving A Stranger From Drowning: "I'll Never Forget His Sacrifice"

26-Year-Old Dad Dies While Saving A Stranger From Drowning: "I'll Never Forget His Sacrifice"

Jacob Farley from Wichita, Kansas leaves behind his 3-year-old son after he courageously chose to save a woman from drowning.

A good Samaritan and great father, Jacob Farley lost his life trying to save a complete stranger from drowning. According to a report by PEOPLE, the incident happened when the 26-year-old who hails from Wichita, Kansas was on a float trip with his friends on the Elk River in Noel, Missouri.

The whole incident reportedly occurred around 6:41 pm. The father of a three-year-old was caught in the river's powerful current but somehow managed to get back safely to the shore.


Unfortunately, a woman, who was later identified as Madison Capps, 21, by the Miami County Republic, was also on a float and could not make it back to the ground. The Kansas-based woman was struggling to stay afloat when he noticed her.

Without even a shred of thought, Farley jumped into the water to "attempt a rescue", informed the authorities. As per reports, Farley swam towards Capps to stop the girl from dying. 



Apparently, Capps and Farley had been struggling to stay afloat in the water for 30 minutes before the rescue team had arrived. By the time Noel Fire Department arrived, they were only able to save Capps by throwing in a rope that pulled her back to safety.

Sadly, Farley had already drowned and was pronounced dead at the spot at 7:55 p.m. on June 21 by Missouri State Highway Patrol. Speaking about this horrific incident, the 21-year-old woman told Fox 43, "I've never been afraid of the water, but now it's going to be different for the rest of my life."



"'I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that and what he [Farley] did for me,'" she added with gratitude. Capps informed the outlet that she usually takes these float trips most summers. And she participated in this year's annual swim alongside a dozen other people which included her boyfriend.

Elaborating the details which led to the unfortunate event, she explained how the couple got a little worried when they could not feel the river bed any longer. "My boyfriend can't swim so we were just going to go where we could touch," she said.



"And then we got there, and it just kind of dropped off and he started to freak out," she continued. With her boyfriend's well-being in mind, she pushed him back towards the shore hoping he would be safe. And as she had hoped, her boyfriend safely made it back to the shore by grabbing onto a float.

However, there were other members of the group who were caught in the current but somehow managed to hold on to something. "Everyone caught a log or tree in the water, and they were able to get out," she said. "I was the only one who got sucked under."



A friend of Farley, Thaaron Gillis told  KWCH 12 how the brave 26-year-old could not stop himself from jumping into the water in order to help Capps. "When she fell off, he just couldn't help himself anymore. Without thinking, he jumped straight into it, knowing that it was a dangerous situation," said Gillis.

After the 21-year-old managed to lift herself from beneath the surface of turbulent water, she surprisingly found Farley right beside him. "I looked at him and I asked him, "What do we do?" she told KWCH 12. "He said, 'I don't know,' but he stayed there with me, and he kept talking to me and every time I'd go under and resurface, I'd feel his hand on my back."



Due to the raging river current, the two were tossed and turned around the float they had been holding on to and managed to get themselves tangled.

"When I got it [the rope] off, he said there was something wrapped around his leg. And I told him he had to get it off, and he said he couldn't. So we just sat there together until help came," she said. After the rescue team arrived, they secured Capps but as she turned around she could not see Farley anywhere. "I'm feeling guilty because if we hadn't been down there, he wouldn't have jumped in. But he was so brave - and selfless," she told Fox 43.



"He was a stranger," she continued. "He didn't know me. He came to jump and save me anyways." Grateful for Farley's sacrifice, Capps said, "I'm so thankful because I don't know if I would have held on if he weren't down there with me."

Remembering his friends, Gillis expressed, "He fought more to try to help her than he tried to help himself. His main goal when he jumped in was to make sure that she stayed above water." During an interview with Ozark First, his mother said, "I did talk to him that morning and I got to tell him I love him and to be careful."



Now a GoFundMe page has been created in order to raise money to cover the charges of his funeral. Speaking of his bravery, the page read: "He didn’t think twice about jumping in to save a complete stranger. He is a true hero and died saving someone else’s life with no regard for his own."

The page promised to put any remaining amount of the raised money towards a trust fund for Farley's three-year-old son, Kingston. "Jacob leaves behind a 3-year-old son, Kingston, any remaining funds will be set up in a trust fund for his education."


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