25 Illustrations Reminding You Of The Time You And Your Partner Came Closer While Having A Baby

25 Illustrations Reminding You Of The Time You And Your Partner Came Closer While Having A Baby

It's that phase of your life when you and your partner become a lot closer as you experience this journey together.

A relationship between two people is strengthened by the memories they lovingly create on their long journey of togetherness. No matter how tough times get, you know you can always count on those happy moments that serve as a joyous reminder of the love you and your partner have shared over the years, thus helping you quickly resolve your conflict at hand. However, there's one particular phase in every couple's life that sticks out above the rest. It's the nine months spent preparing yourselves to welcome your child into this world.

Through all the constant worries, endless cravings, and hopeful dreams, both of you stood by each other. And finally, when the moment to cradle your newborn for the first time arrived, your lives became a lot more meaningful. Re-live that blissful period of your life once again through artist Yehuda DeVir's illustrations he created recounting those beautiful days spent with his wife. 

1. Wondering if you're ready for a kid? Wait for those signs. It's everywhere. 


2. The emotional moment when you were first learn about your pregnancy together can never be forgotten.


3. When he won't take any chance when it comes to you and the baby. #protectivedadtobe


4. Barely been out for 5 minutes and this is what house ends up looking like! 



5. No one gets between a pregnant woman and salt, apparently. 


6. You have to find a way to adjust to the several changes your body undergoes during that time.


7. When he manages to make you smile during a little visit from your breakouts.


8. When you feel your baby kicking for the first time!


9. Well, who needs a pillow when you have your lovely husband beside you?


10. Don't even think about testing a pregnant woman's patience. It never ends well!


11. Times when he comforts you when you have trouble doing the smallest of things. 


12. What's life without a little fun and games to break the monotony, right?


13. And throughout all the craziness both of you find little moments of bliss.


14. Panic Mode On!


15. Hours of labor pain that's worth every bit!


16. The "awww" moment!


17. No one prepares you for those diaper duties, but you learn it anyway!


18. The feeling of completion is unlike any other.


19. Sleepless nights that your little one puts both of you through definitely make you come closer.


20. First shower day. 


21. Grateful for the times she's been the caretaker for everyone in your little family.


22. New mission: Protect the baby!


23. Her constant reminders console you at nights.


24. It's time to have a little fun! Not for everyone though!


25. You manage to get through this extremely important phase of your life because you have each other to count on.


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