24-Year-Old-YouTuber Marries 61-Year-Old Political Correspondent: "This Is What Love Does"

24-Year-Old-YouTuber Marries 61-Year-Old Political Correspondent: "This Is What Love Does"

Julia and Eileen Zelg-De Freest have received hate because of their nearly 40 years age gap and the fact that they are not heterosexual.

A 24-year-old singer and YouTuber tied the knot with her 61-year-old fiancée in a ceremony in the UK last month. Julia Zelg-De Freest, who is originally from Brazil, met Eileen Zelg-De Freest, an American political correspondent, 61, on Tinder. Despite the age gap of nearly 40 years love ultimately triumphed and the couple is on the way to a happily ever after. 





The two have faced a lot of opposition and hateful comments from people who do not approve of their union. This, however, does not bother them. Even Julia's mother, who is 8 years younger than Eileen, had to be convinced quite a bit before she was ready to accept the relationship and the union between the two. Julia claims that instead of couples, they are often confused for a granddaughter and grandmother pair. 


The marriage took place in a 5-star hotel in London that was attended by a number of relatives and friends on both sides. Julia said, "My mom and my auntie and my best friend came from Brazil, I have an aunt that came from Germany as well and Eileen has some family and friends who are coming from America. So we are super happy that quite a few people came from different countries for our wedding. We are very, very grateful they're here," reports Daily Mail.


It was love at first sight for the two since the couple went on their first date. It was Julia who first proposed to Eileen during a gig in London and the latter did the same during a holiday in Brazil. They are now based in London. Julia said, "When I saw Eileen in person for the first time, I was just in awe of her because she is just the most gentle and lovely person ever." Despite the age difference, their love for each other has made them inseparable. Both Julia and Eileen couldn't hide their excitement before their wedding ceremony.


"I know that she's the one and she feels the same as well, it's really wonderful," Julia said. Eileen added, "Getting married is a big process. It's a really big business that you could almost lose sight of the thing you're actually going to do." Talking about the wedding ceremony, Eileen said, "I was really, really nervous and excited. I haven't felt nervous like this in quite a while." Eileen said she had not even planned on getting married. "I think part of the reason for that is because I grew up in a time where for gay people it was never something that you even had the right to think about," she added.


Nancy De Freest, Eileen's sister in law, said she was not expecting Eileen to be married and admitted she was shocked to know of the age difference between the two. Nevertheless, she said she was happy for her. "I am so happy for her that she has finally found some happiness in her life. The age somewhat surprised me but knowing Eileen, she loves fun and she loves life. When she told me about Julia it just seemed like that would be the perfect person for Eileen."


It was a whirlwind romance followed by an immediate wedding and it could not have happened any better way. "This is the endpoint, this is what love does...," Eileen further said. Julia added, "We have as much right as everybody else to be happy, to get married and to celebrate our love." 

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