20 Genius Church Signs That Deserve All Of Our Attention

20 Genius Church Signs That Deserve All Of Our Attention

Going through them, you'll realize that they'll make you think, they'll make you ponder over it, and they'll also make you smile!

When we're in a spot, we always look for a sign to help us, and the universe hands one out, too. Well, that's how it works, mostly. It's hard to miss out on such signs. Meanwhile, churches are known for putting out signs with a funny message so they can attract passers-by to come inside and fill the pews, or generally just put a smile on someone's face who really needs it.

The funnier the joke, the more likely it is to appeal to the younger crowd. Twitter, obviously, was soon filled with the funniest church signs that made us think, and then smile, even if we didn't agree with them. Here are some of the funniest ones:

1. Well, how do you react to this?


2.  As "new-gen" as church signs can get?



3. It definitely is hot right now



4. Could this also work as a pickup line?



5. Does this mean Darth Vader was a regular at Sunday Mass?



6. Just a sign of stability in this unstable world



7. Next-level church pun



8. This sign is too hot to handle, just like the climate



9. Not exactly a joke or a pun, but something to think about, right?


10.  Saying it like it is, no beating around the bush



11.  Be careful what you pray for, maybe?



12. Just cannot get with the strong pun game



13. Subtle, but straight. Also, who'd dare steal from a church?



14. Your pets think the world of you, don't disappoint them



15.  Just some subtle sass from the people of God



16. It's time to 'ketchup' on some church-time!



17. Nothing better than a direct message from God



18. I'll wait until you find a church sign better than this one!



19. Okay, what? *drum roll, please*



20. Just casually leaving it here


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