19-Year-Old Buys Her First Home After Working Hard At McDonald's & Never Giving Up On Her Dream

19-Year-Old Buys Her First Home After Working Hard At McDonald's & Never Giving Up On Her Dream

Madison Pickering proved many people wrong after being able to save enough to get a home loan for a house she had dreamed of building since she was 11.

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A 19-year-old girl is proving to the world that one can achieve their dreams irrespective of their age by working hard and never giving up hope. Madison Pickering, a former McDonald's employee, always wanted to purchase her own home. So, when she finally approached real estate agents and bank managers for a home loan they thought she was "crazy." But Pickering proved all of them wrong as she is now a proud owner of a new home that is currently being constructed in Logan's Pebble Creek Estate, which is situated 50km south of Brisbane.


Pickering's dream of becoming a homeowner began when she was merely 11. Since then she began saving whatever little pocket money she received. When she turned 14 and was allowed to work legally, she took up a job at McDonald's and continued saving up to buy a house. Her determination remained resolute even after she finished high school a year early. Although she was accepted into university, she gave up the opportunity to take up a full-time job as an online media manager to earn some extra money. The teenager's proud mother Raelene says that Pickering became very serious about getting a home loan.


Unfortunately, her first attempt at securing a finance approval was rejected but it didn't discourage the teen from continuing to build her savings and trying again. Finally, she succeeded in her next try and she was offered a loan for a $300,000 house and land package. Although Pickering had only saved up $30,000, which is a lot for a 19-year-old, she was able to take advantage of a few generous government schemes. These were designed to lure first-home buyers and through this, she began eligible for Queensland's $15,000 first homeowners grant, in addition to the "federal government's $25,000 building incentive brought in to boost the construction sector during the COVID-19 crisis," reports Daily Mail


Despite her awe-inspiring achievement, the girls say that not many people believe that she is already on her way of becoming a homeowner. Speaking to Channel Nine's A Current Affair program, Pickering said, "Everyone I've spoken to is like, 'how did you do that? Oh, your parents must have given you this money.'" But Pickering seems to be insisting, "No, my parents haven't given me a cent. This is everything I've worked for myself. I've done all of this hard work on my own." Every week the youngster visits the construction site with her mother to take a picture of the progress. Pickering plans on creating a time-lapse display of the construction process until it's completely done. 


Pickering also had a message for teens like her who have ambitious dreams. "I had enough for a deposit, and that's all that matters. And I think younger people who are watching and wanting to do what I've done need to understand, you don't need to have the final price. You just need to have really good deposit," she said, according to the outlet. Even Pebble Creek Estate Sales Manager Matthew Spencer was left impressed with what Pickering had achieved at her age. He describes the accomplishment as "crazy" considering the teen's age. Spencer also added that he and his team are very excited about her marvelous and inspiring story. As for Pickering, she hopes this property is the first many properties she owns. 

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User Alida Javornik wrote: Well done! Yes it can be done. She was smart with her money. We are a family of 4 that came to Australia 5.5yrs ago. We started from scratch and no help from anyone and were in our newly built home in under 3yrs of arriving. Another shared: Of course she can do it. Most people want everything with no sacrifices or hard work and want to live in the best suburbs first off. Anyone can do it. Shannon Confortin expressed: Congratulations. Houses are. Too expensive where we live for young people to do this. I just hope my kids can afford to buy one day.

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