18-Year-Old Has A Seizure On Empty Train, Receives Help From Complete Stranger Who's Shocked To Know Her Condition

18-Year-Old Has A Seizure On Empty Train, Receives Help From Complete Stranger Who's Shocked To Know Her Condition

The story was shared by the stranger on Twitter. It hows that humanity still exists and people aren't thinking only about themselves.

Recently, an 18-year-old girl suffered from a seizure while she was on the train. While most people are consumed by their own thoughts or just shut out from the world, there are people who still snap out of their selfish worlds to help others and expect nothing in return. Writer Erynn Brooks shared her experience of how a stranger helped an 18-year-old girl, who was about to have a seizure on the train. The story was shared in a series of tweets. 















After she was out of it, Erynn Brook did not just sit there for a few minutes, let her be, and move on with her own life. She understood that the girl could not be left alone, not at a time like this. Brook gave the 18-year-old the support she needed and even asked her if there was any medication she had on her, in order to follow the plan and made sure that the girl got home safe and unharmed. This is the kind of humanity the world needs. People need to be selfless in such times and help each other out, be there for each other even though we don't each other at all. It's about prioritizing someone's life over our desires and work when it really matters.





















Erynn Brook spoke to the girl and made sure to make the 18-year-old feel as comfortable and safe as possible while she dropped her home. Once they reached the house, she waited until the girl got inside. The girl was very grateful for what Brook had done. Towards the end, they waved at each other saying goodbye and Brook left only when she thought it was safe to. 











Erynn Brook further spoke about how the girl has to deal with this on a regular basis. She has seizures almost as often as people "eat breakfast". She was amazed and awed by the girl's courage and her determination to live her life to the fullest, despite her condition. It really is something to admire, how the 18-year-old tries to (and succeeds in) being as independent as she can. Brook confessed that she felt that the girl was vulnerable that night because of her condition and the fact that she was all alone in public. She wondered how the girl managed to do this every single day and night with nothing but that laminated card to protect her. 















The girl was helped in the right way, in a very constructive and systematic way. Most people who are faced with such situations would pass the responsibility on to someone else or would have called emergency services. That is also because some people panic faster than others. A lot of people go blank and do not know what to do in such situations which is why they call up emergency services. The key is to stay calm and try and handle the situation. It is also about wanting to be there and help someone who you do not know at all. A lot of times, people just need someone to talk to or just be there with and for them. The story has taught people that all we need is humanity and kindness in order to change the world. 

Although awareness, in general, has increased, most people are unaware of how to deal with a situation where someone has any kind of health issue episode in public. People rely on calling the emergency numbers which is a good way to go about things but it isn't always necessary. Sometimes just being there for the person and making sure they know that they are in safe hands helps. Most people with such conditions are used to dealing with it even when they are in public. They know how to go about it, making them feel comfortable and not panic, reassuring them that they are going to be okay helps them in a lot of ways. They start to deal with the condition the way they usually do, they even tell you how they would go about so you can help them through the process. 

People need to be more aware of others and be ready to help instead of just watching and waiting for someone else to take the initiative. Imagine you were in such a situation and there was nobody around who came to your aid when you really needed it, how would you feel? Start thinking about more than just self and those we are close to or know. We say that humans are more evolved than any other creature on the planet. Other creatures look out for their own kind, why can't we?

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